5 Common Mistakes You Can Make When Planning Your Wedding

No wedding is ever perfect or without its own share of challenges. Today, we’re revealing some pitfalls you can avoid when it comes to planning your wedding. Of course, we only wish that you could have the most beautiful wedding of your dreams, so we hope these will help you as you go through your wedding planning!

Common Mistakes You Can Make When Planning Your Wedding

You go on inspiration overload mode

Here’s one word you have to remember: cohesiveness. There will be numerous decisions that will be made as you plan your wedding. Sometimes, with the unlimited resources of ideas and inspirations at our disposal, we tend to want everything we see to be in our special day. Remember that beauty is not necessarily having all the best ideas. It is knowing when to hold back and when to go all out. Also, remind yourself that you don’t need to apply all the nice things you see. Focus on a few key things and make sure they go well together. Then slowly add details that will complement the ones you already have. Sometimes it helps to pause, think about your desired look, and ask yourself if everything you are choosing goes with it.


You feel like you have to do something because everyone does it

I must say that I have been seeing more brides bravely make their wedding uniquely their own. But I do understand how the pressure to conform has a very strong hold in our culture up to today. But we’re here to let you know that it’s okay to break some of the practices, or at least tweak them a bit. A cousin of mine who recently got engaged told me that she didn’t want to get any bridesmaids, wanting to have all her small nieces and nephews march before her instead. I excitedly told her to go for it! It was something that I felt matched her personality. Plus, the idea of a lot of cute little kiddos in their adorable outfits is just way too amazing to pass up. She also plans to have her principal sponsors do the secondary sponsors duties since she won’t have any secondary sponsors as well. These things are allowed! And many more ideas can be tweaked during your reception as well.


You think the bridal glow naturally happens

With life being so fast-paced now, most of us are really lacking sleep, exercise, and sometimes good nutrition. All of these things, like it or not, can affect your health. The famous bridal glow everyone is talking about is not a right every bride automatically acquires on the day of her wedding (although I do have to applaud wedding makeup artists who really do help enhance the beauty of every single bride). But the glow I am talking about really does come from healthy skin. You can try to be more disciplined in sleeping, eating, and exercising, but also a great option is to find a skin care specialist that can help prep you for your big day. You won’t regret giving your skin some pampering because makeup actually really is so much better when coupled with healthy skin.


You rely on pegs too much

I love having pegs! It helps me envision everything. But sometimes, we tend to rely on pegs too much, leaving little room for our chosen suppliers to express their creativity. Sometimes it’s actually good to ask them first what their ideas are. You never know, you might actually like it more than what you initially thought you liked.


You focus too much on aesthetics and not enough on experience

Apart from the details and designs you have chosen, incorporating fun ideas that will engage your guests is something that makes your wedding more memorable for them. A welcome dinner in a destination wedding could be a way for guests to already start feeling comfortable with each other. Practical ideas can also impact your guest’s experience. Having low table decorations and music that isn’t too loud will help guests talk more at the dinner table.


At the end of the day, remember that minus all these, the most important thing is the commitment both of you will have for each other. Yes, weddings (and wedding planning) can be really exciting and fun, but the most beautiful thing about it will always be the beautiful marriage ahead.


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