7 Bridal Showers to Throw Instead of Hitting the Club (Part 2)

Hello M.O.H.s, we’re back with even more bridal shower ideas for you! Feeling the pressure of planning an awesome bridal shower? Are you scouring the net for some inspiration? Don’t worry, we have got your backs! Check out these fun and unique bridal shower ideas below. Trust us, if you liked our previous ideas, then you’ll definitely love these.

Bridal Shower Ideas


1. Have a cooking class

Bridal Shower Ideas Have A Cooking Class
Martha Stewart Weddings

Invite a chef to teach the bride tribe how to cook a special full course meal. Not only will it be fun, but you’ll definitely have some good food too!


2. Have an arts and crafts session

Bridal Shower Ideas Have An Arts & Crafts Session
White Loft Studio

Bring everyone together for some good ole arts and crafts. Whether it’s coloring some pretty patterns or even doing some D.I.Y. decor for the wedding, you and the girls will surely be in for some fun!


3. Have a spa day

Bridal Shower Ideas Have A Spa Day
Coco Nail Studio

Rest, relaxation, and lots of pampering! It’s the perfect shower idea to have the bride and her guests relax and not think about all the wedding stress. (You can check out Coco Nail Studio and their cool packages.) Who doesn’t like a little pampering, right?


4. Make your own fragrance

Bridal Shower Ideas Make Your Own Fragrance
Jasmine Star

This is a fun and cool idea! Have your guests make their own perfume and fragrances with this perfume and fragrance bar. They make good giveaways too!


5. Have a wine and cheese tasting

Bridal Shower Ideas Have A Wine & Cheese Tasting
Top: Hostess with the Mostess | Bottom: Lee Bird Photography

Want to class things up a bit? Go for a wine and cheese tasting. All you need is a lot of good wine, cheese, maybe some grapes and crackers, and you’re good to go!


6. Exercise

Bridal Shower Ideas Exercise
Sassy Manila

Now, this may not sound very inviting to some of you, but Saddle Row‘s full-body workouts will not only have you burning calories, but also having fun! Hey, it’s something different, right?


7. Fun themes

Bridal Shower Ideas Fun Themes
Jamie Weiss Photography

Fun and unique themes always make a bridal shower stand out. Check out that cool retro and 50s theme! You can get your guests to come in costume too! Or use the bride’s favorite movie or TV series, and build a theme around that.


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