9 Stylish and Useful Gift Ideas for your Bridesmaids

Oh, bridesmaids–they are the unsung heroes of every wedding! They’re there when you need them to check if your makeup is fine, to help entertain guests, to keep you sane when you’re feeling nervous, and god knows what. They can truly say that they’ve seen you at your worst and at your best. Nothing compares to their patience leading up to the wedding day itself! And because they’ve been there through thick and thin, it’s time we show our deep appreciation for them. So we listed a few stylish and useful gift ideas for your bridesmaids!

Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids


1. Hey Jow Earrings

Photo via Hey Jow

I love the earrings from Hey Jow! Their earrings come in many different styles and colors, so your bridesmaids won’t all have the same style.


2. Jim Weaver Scarves

Photo via Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver scarves are 100% silk and 100% chic! There are so many ways to wear it too. It’s versatility at it’s finest! I’m sure your bridesmaids will love this!


3. Monogrammed Cosmetics Ki

Photo via Cabana Workshop

A makeup kit designed monogrammed your own initials–how handy! And it’s real cute too, don’t you think?


4. Custom Passport Holder

Photo via Ni Qua

Why not give your bridesmaids monogrammed passport holders? It’s not your typical gift, but it will surely be useful! I love how it comes in many different colors, and how it’s made of high quality leather.


5. Monogrammed Blanket

Photo via Ash and Muff

Again, this isn’t your conventional gift but it’s comfy, customized, and it’s perfect for cuddle weather! Imagine having a sleepover with your girls with these blankets. How adorable!


6. Leather Pouch

Photo via Saco Manila

This leather pouch is an essential in every girl’s closet! It comes in many different colors too. What I love is that you and your friends can have matching bags without looking kitsch at all!


7. Gratitude Notebook

Photo via Post Script Designs

This gratitude notebook is a gift that’ll last a lifetime! This notebook is there to help people realize that there’s so much to be grateful about in this world.


8. Sandals

Photo via Annie and Lorie

These shoes look too comfy! And it’s the type that look just as good too. There’s no need to pick style over comfort or vice versa. I’m sure if you get a pair for each of your bridesmaids, they’ll be jumping for joy!


9. Fans

Photo via Adrienne Ley

So stylish, unique, and striking! I love how these Monchetycia bespoke fans could easily add the pop of color you need in your outfit.


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