I Asked the Bride and Breakfast Team to Tell Me their Top 3 Wedding Priorities

Whenever I see a new wedding or am just browsing through the site, I can’t help but think about my own wedding. Where I’m going to have it, what I’m going to wear, what theme I’m going to have… I could go on and on. I’m always thinking about my wedding! So, today, I decided to do something a bit different. I went to each of my co-workers and asked them what their top three wedding priorities are.

P.S. – I also tabulated their answers. You might be surprised at what the most popular wedding priority in the team is.

Straight From the B&B Team: What are your top three wedding priorities?


Janna, Editor-in-Chief Photo: Team Benitez Photo

1. Program – Because this is where your guests are really involved. So for me, a good program means giving your guests a chance to enjoy the food, allowing them to talk with friends, and making sure that there’s a balance between scheduled performances and speeches.

2. Food – People remember the food you serve the most. So for me, food was one of the top priorities on my list. It’s also something you can have fun with like food stalls, and carving or cheese stations–they’re also super engaging for guests!

3. Gown – Of course I wanted to look good for my husband, and my gown was a big factor in that. It doesn’t have to be expensive or done by the most well-known designer–my priority was that my gown was a reflection of my personality. And while it can be simple or grand, it’s also about how comfortable you are in it.


Daniela, Managing Editor Photo: Chapter One Studios

1. Styling – It doesn’t have to be grand, but it has to be done well.

2. Food and Drinks – Because I love to eat! And everyone MUST party the night away so drinks definitely need to be good.

3. Music – Music during the ceremony, the reception, and the party need to be spot on. Bad music can ruin moments and kill the vibe.


Fatima, Content Manager B&B PH Photo: One Carlo Photography

1. Food – I’d want to make sure that my guests and I enjoy really yummy food, ’cause I know my family and friends–they’re foodies. They’d really appreciate it, and I know I won’t let the wedding day end without getting a taste of what I had catered either. LOL.

2. Venue – I wanna be sure with this from the get-go. I want to book a space that can hold enough people. Not too big that it feels empty, and not too small that it feels crowded. I’m thinking somewhere out of town and not in the city. It’s also where the biggest chunk of the wedding budget will probably go to. This also kinda touches on the guest list–that’s a priority too, and these two aspects kind of go hand in hand.

3. Photography – Of course, I’d want to invest in something that will help me remember and treasure the moment I said “I Do”, and all the hard work me and my suppliers went through! I wanna see pretty pictures, lots of smiles, and relive my big day while browsing through that photo album.


Micki, Content Manager B&B HK Photo: Ian Santillan

1. Gown – Because it’s the best gown you’ll ever wear! I also wanted it to be extra special so I looked for my mom’s gown. Luckily, it was intact and I was able to repurpose it!

2. Theme – Because everything will revolve around this and I was really particular with what I wanted! And thanks to Pinterest, I was able to achieve it!

3. Photography – Because these will be what we will be looking back at when we’re old and gray! I also wanted timeless photos good for reaming and thumb-stopping images on social media hehe.


Gia, Social Media Manager Photo: Gibsam Photo

1. Venue – I’d save up for a wedding venue that’s both easily accessible to my guests, and comfortable at the same time.

2. Photography – Investing in a good photographer who perfectly jives with me and my future husband’s personality is crucial in making sure my wedding photos come out the way I want them to. Those photos will be the best way to remember my big day, and I definitely wouldn’t want to look back at awkward poses that I was forced into doing!

3. Food and Drinks – I’d want my guests to have a night to remember on my wedding day. What’s the best way to win their hearts? Food, of course! Alright, and drinks too (a lot of it)!


Aaaaand the winner is… Food and drinks! That’s right, the B&B Team love food! So if you’re trying to win us over, you know what to do. 😉 (I’m kidding BTW.)


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