4 Heartfelt Ways to Honor Your Mother on Your Wedding Day

Being a family-centric country, most of us are really close to our parents. And as the bride-to-be, it is also an emotional journey for them to give you away and watch you start your life independently from them. Our moms, most especially, will be one of the happiest and sappiest people then! So here’s a special treat: different heartfelt ways you can honor your mom on your wedding day.

1. Wear or carry something of hers on the big day.

Whether it’s her repurposed dress, veil, jewelry, pin, or photo, having at least one thing on you that you associate with your mom will really fill up her heart no matter what it is. Even the little things will surely matter to her!

2. Have her walk down the aisle with you.

Under normal circumstances, your dad is the designated parent who will walk you down the aisle. We’re not telling you to give him the backseat, but instead, why not give both of them a chance to walk you? That would make your mom feel special, having her go through the motions of giving you away along with your dad.

3. Have a fun moment with her during the wedding.

Whether it’s getting ready together during the preps, having a mother-daughter dance during the reception, or a fun portrait session of just the two of you, your mom will definitely feel good when you acknowledge her presence on the day of your wedding.

4. Give her a personalized gift as a way of thanks.

A beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers, a framed photo of the two of you, or simply a long letter or speech will have her bawling her eyes out. This is under your complete control–find something you know she’ll love!


Never forget your dearest mother, darlings! She will always have your back and she’s with you through thick or thin; married or not. Have fun thinking of ways to make sure she feels special on your big day!

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