These Boho Wedding Ideas Will Unleash the Free-Spirited Bride in You

A popular trend in the wedding scene is the chic and fab bohemian theme, and we’re totally digging it! If Solenn HeusaffKarel Marquez, and Tricia Gosingtian aren’t enough to convince you, we don’t know what will! Think boho’s just too hard to pull off? Or you don’t even know where to begin? Relax, we’re here to help you put together the most beautiful bohemian wedding of your dreams!

A boho wedding isn’t one without the most important person of the day having the most on fleek boho outfit! It’s long, it’s flowy, it’s lacy, and it’s got intricate detailing. As long as your dress has most (or some) of these characteristics, you’re good to go!


A. Bryan Venancio | B. Photo: Air Balloon Project, Gown: Ever New | C. Photo: Metrophoto, Gown: J’Aton Couture | D. Mark Cantalejo | E. Mark Cantalejo

You can do it several ways for your bridesmaids. You can stick to cool, pastel colors and flowy dresses, or go full-on lace. Either way, they’re both bohemian enough to satisfy our boho dreams!

A. Photo: ProudRad, Dresses: Roxy Bagano-Dizon | B. Photo: ProudRad, Dresses: Roxy Bagano-Dizon

Flowers! A bohemian wedding isn’t complete without them. Pink, purple, white, and the occasional yellow make appearances in the amazing bohemian bouquets. Usually long-stemmed, overflowing, and tied with lace or rope, these bouquets are absolute visions!

A. Rainbowfish Photography | B. Sunkissed Collective | C. Photo: Marlon Capuyan, Flowers: Cuckoo Cloud Concepts | D. Photo: MangoRed, Flowers: RabbitHole Creatives

Don’t you just love the khaki and white color combo for the men? And check out those cool suspenders too!

A. Air Balloon Project | B. ProudRad

But what truly completes the look? The headpiece! Bohemian brides stand out from others because of their fabulous headpieces! Flower crowns, lacy headbands, feathers, or a netted veil–find out what works for you and rock it!

A. Mayad Studios | B. Enrico Nepomuceno Photography | C. Sunkissed Collective

You can start giving off boho vibes with your invitations! Boho invitations usually have flowers and/or lace and are printed on brown or white paper. Be careful not to put too much of everything on your invites. Remember: the simpler the better!

A. Photo: MangoRed, Calligraphy: The Fozzy Book, Stationery: Fabulous Fancy Pants | B. Tocamoca

And finally, we move on to the table setting. Some common articles you’ll find on a table are overflowing flower creations, and tall, thin candles. A neutral-colored or lacy table runner is also characteristic of a boho setting if you aren’t a fan of wooden tables.

A. Photo: Rainbowfish Photography, Stylist: Wild Reverie | B. Photo: Bryan Venancio, (Bride’s D.I.Y.) | C. Photo: Rainbowfish Photography, Stylist: Wild Reverie

So to everyone out there who’s just a bit intimidated by all the boho pegs, don’t worry. Relax and figure it out piece by piece!

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