Don’t Forget: 7 Important Things Couples Should Do After Tying The Knot

“OMG, weddings are so easy to plan, and I never had too many responsibilities to think about,” said no bride ever! While wedding planning isn’t meant to torment you, there are important things you should note down and not forget. Most couples breeze through the fact that there are still a few more things to do after the wedding. Luckily for you, we’re here to remind you of them! Read on, loves!


1. Remember your manners!

Your family and friends took the time to get off their schedules (and probably travelled from near and far) just to be with you on your special day, which is enough to be grateful for. Added bonus if they brought you guys nice gifts as well. Better to do this sooner rather than later!


2. Your dress won’t clean itself.

Brides, if you plan on keeping your dress as a beautiful reminder or for posterity, better have it cleaned by a professional launderer as soon as possible. Trust us, you’d want to pull out your wedding dress from the closet a few years later and remember how pretty you looked in it—and maybe so will your future daughter!


3. Treasure the memories.

As soon as your photographer sends you proofs, start picking out which photos you want to include in your wedding album, and their order if needed. This is an important thing to cross off your to-do list. The sooner you do this, the faster you’ll be able to get those precious wedding photos! Then you can start choosing a song for your wedding video if you hired a videographer.


4. Oooh, look at the new things!

Even if you took the time to put together a registry, it’s not impossible to have received duplicate items. Sort them out as soon as possible so you can return other items, and have them exchanged for something that’s a better fit. You might not be able to get the chance to do this if you delay!


5. Hello there, Mr. and Mrs. _____.

This may be an optional step for some–don’t change if you don’t want to. But for those who do, while it’s very easy to change your name on Facebook, having your name changed legit is rather a longer process. So start gathering all your documents, and commit to this task. You’d need to update a lot of your accounts and IDs, too!


6. Each couple should definitely talk this through.

It’s always a good idea to set up a financial plan. You’re embarking on a journey and quite possibly a family together, so it’s nice to discuss this and open up your strategies when it comes to saving up and investing your money.


7. Breathe!

News flash: While you still may have a few more responsibilities after the wedding, don’t forget to give yourself a break. The wedding may be over, but your marriage is just beginning. It’s the start of your new life together, and oh the many joys it will bring! Bask in the happiness of being married!


That’s it–you’re all set for your to-do list after your wedding, loves!

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