10 Wedding Cakes We Can’t Stop Drooling Over

As if the holiday eating isn’t enough, I am shamelessly announcing that I have been dreaming for that moist and perfect cake. Yup, my holiday cravings are in full throttle! Fortunately or unfortunately, the cakes you are about to see are physically impossible to devour right now.

In that case, all we can do is just look and get ideas for our future wedding cake! So join my cake craving club–here are ten wedding cake ideas that will make you drool all over your laptop!


1. This strawberry watermelon cake with rose-scented cream from Black Star Pastry is like layers of divine beauty. The sad part is we’re going to have a long distance relationship with this one, this cake is only available in Australia. Sigh. Check out the rest of this pink wedding here. [Photo: Sutoritera]


2. This four-tier white and gold wedding cake from this Jose Villa San Francisco wedding is just love at first virtual bite… [Photo: Jose Villa]


3. White cake with sugar olive leaves topped with a sweet quote? Too charming for words! High five, Swell Sweets! See this celebrity wedding here. [Photo: Jorem and Sheila Catilo Photography]


4. It would be a disgrace if not a single naked cake was featured here, right? This ‘almost naked cake’ by Yumi Castrillo is making me have a sugar rush! See this Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding here. [Photo: MangoRed


5. Three separate cakes instead of just one? What a wonderful idea! This Shanghai Tang-inspired wedding cake by The Delightful Miss Joyce is b-e-a-uuuutiful! Check out this bridal shower here. [Photo: Nicolai Melicor]


6. An all-white cake screams simplicity at its best to me! Don’t you just love how this cake by Lovelots Cakes exudes elegance? Check out this ranch photoshoot here. [Photo: Sunday Morning Studios]


7. Or how about making it a plain canvas for your guests to doodle on? Definitely something to remember! Just don’t forget to take a photo before slicing it! See this purple wedding here. [Photo: MangoRed]


8. A donut cake, I repeat, a donut cake is in our presence! Why not make it fun? This cake by Emily Uy-Swing of Sugarbox is the definition of fun! See this cherry blossom wedding here! [Photo: Nelwin Uy]


9. Here’s a less complicated idea for a wedding cake. How about a tower of mini cakes? That way, “slicing” will be much easier and you can share it right away with your guests! Check out this sunflower-y wedding here! [Photo: Paolo Feliciano]


10. How about considering hand-painted wedding cakes? Can we just keep it as it is and not slice it? This floral one is pure bliss! See this urban chic wedding here. [Photo: Toto Villaruel]


Somebody get me a slice of cake please! Here’s to hoping that this article helped you make your wedding cake choice and that you were not just tortured from all the sweet goodness that was shown!

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