The Nook: On Friendships and Forevers

It’s funny how friendships are built– some happen over a span of years, some happen almost in an instant connection of personalities. I remember my college days when Bibai and I met. Clicking almost instantly, our laughs came as easily as breathing. Those were some ten years back, and today, she too is married. No matter how many weddings I see everyday, seeing a friend walk down the aisle never gets old!

I write about this with a sense of sadness because I missed her big day due to some obligations here in Manila. Sigh It’s sinking in… I missed one of the most beautiful affairs of 2012. Mind you, I am not exaggerating or speaking in code, I really think everything about this wedding was oozing with elegance and tasteful elements. From a posh bridal dinner the night before the wedding to the surreal classic-old-Hollywood-ish celebration into forever, everything spelled perfection. Getting a live feed of the whole wedding made the thought of missing it bearable (or did I just torture myself even more?).

Baguio is beautiful, but Bibai, you were definitely the belle of the ball.

I cannot wait to have their official photos in our collection of beautiful wedding features. For now, I thank Instagram and my paparazzi friends who kept Tweeting and sending these photos my way..

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