The Nook: The Greatest Designer in the Universe

As much as I love writing about gorgeous wedding inspirations, I am blessed that I get to write about my daily ramblings and issues close to my heart here at B&B’s The Nook.

I have always been in love with fashion. Let’s just say couture gowns are one of my favorite things in the world. I mean, I always tell my husband that in heaven, I’m gonna ask God if I can wear a gown everyday!

Sarah Ott, a friend I recently made when she came over for a friend’s wedding, shared this video she made with her gal pal Rowena, I knew instantly I wanted to write about it. Whether you are single, tying the knot soon, or married, this topic will surely be useful to you one way or another. Do you want your own couture piece by the Best Designer in the universe?

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