Bryan and Ethelyn

Bryan and Ethelyn’s wedding is viciously vintage! It transports you back to the ’40s with all the thematic details of the affair. Can I just say I love the photography of this wedding? Why wouldn’t I? As the saying goes two heads are better than one! In this case, it was a collaboration of a handful of brilliant photographers who captured the most beautiful moments for the couple. The bride simply looked regal in her gown. What a gorgeous sight indeed! It’s always fun to have weddings that make us look twice. This sure is one wedding that got a lot of attention.

Probably my most favorite picture of the bunch is of Ethelyn’s dad. He looked cute in his suspenders and bow tie. Very vintage dad!

Even the babies were fashionably in theme with these black lace stockings and hot pink shoes!

A few words from the couple:

Why is the wedding so “Bryan and Ethelyn”?

Bryan: The concept of the whole event was based on what we really want, that is, a dash of the vintage era. We didn’t get a vintage car though, but overall we got what we wanted.

Ethelyn: The wedding is so us because it basically reflects our personalities. We had Vintage-Autumn Wedding. Bryan and I are kind of old fashioned. I used to think I’m abnormal because I still stick with the songs of 1940s-1960s no matter how versatile the music is in the 21st century. I’m also hooked with the fashion statement of these eras—from the make-up, to the head pieces, gloves and dresses. One word to describe it—classic! I know I won’t be able to wear such gems unless there’s a special occasion, so I grabbed the opportunity and incorporated it in our wedding! The inspiration I got was from the movies The Notebook, Pearl Harbor and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

On the other hand, we also have this attachment to autumn or fall. We love its laid back ambiance. There’s no autumn in our country, but maybe I can compare that to falling leaves. I love how the leaves’ colors change from green to red orange, orange and deep violet. We even had a pictorial lying on dried leaves from three years ago.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Ethelyn: Our vows! My husband and I made our vows a few hours before the ceremony. It’s crazy! We’re both crammers and it’s one of the best things we did.

Bryan: My favorite part wasn’t really the food (although it was really good), because of the fact that we got so thrilled by the turnout of the whole event that we were not able to taste what was lined-up for the feast. The most fun part would be the games and the special awards that were given to some of our guests, this being one of the best ways for us to interact with our family and friends. It was like a mini reunion of both of our families.

Ceremony and Reception: The Lakeshore Tent (Mexico, Pampanga) / Gown: Kate Torralba / Groom’s Suit: Frederick Policarpio / Entourage’s Gowns: Emily Sy / Mothers’ and Little Girls’ Gowns: Glen Canlas / Caterer: Ala Crème / Coordinator: Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea / Photographers: David Hanson and team of Enoxx, Erron Ocampo and Chloe Umali / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Opening Billboard: Guj Tungpalan of Red Sheep / Engagement Session: Toto Villaruel of Imagine Nation / Event Stylist: Pancho Pantig / Bouquets: Mang Boy Mahusay / Music: JJS Entertainment / Lights and DJ: Dynatek / Photo Booth: Pose and Print / Invites: Adworks / Candles: Unity Candles by JM / Entourage’s Head Pieces: RC Lee of Fabrichild

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