Jorg and Barbi

Today is my birthday and oh what a treat! I scanned my email for interesting stuff… and there it was, Jorg and Barbi’s super gorgeous wedding! What better way to make my day lovelier than to be surrounded by loveliness! Jorg and Barbi’s wedding is anything but traditional—it’s overflowing with uniqueness, drama and romance. I could go on and on about the things that B&B loves about this wedding. First is that gorgeous colored dress. Not everyone dares to go for it, and not everyone who does pulls it off; but Barbi in pink sure is one divine bride. And yes, her groom Jorg was also a sight for sore eyes. Very casual and cool, he pulled off the look! Secondly, one of Manila’s genius photographers Pat Dy was behind the camera, capturing all the picture-perfect moments. Keep in mind that this wedding had to stick to a budget, but it’s living proof that a budget doesn’t have to dictate the beauty of your wedding. This is one for the books!

Barbi, one of Manila’s popular make-up artists did her own make-up. She looked stunning.

From the couple:

Why is the wedding so “Jorg and Barbi”?

The wedding was so us because we didn’t subscribe to any tradition or culture or “pamahiin”. Like us, we live our life according to God’s law only and whatever makes us happy. We did it the way we wanted it, the way we envisioned it and the way we dreamed about it. Suggestions from other people were welcome but it was still our decision in the end that mattered.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My most favorite part  was when we were saying our vows. Jorg said “I will follow you wherever you go, your home will be my home and your God will be my God” and that was it—I broke down and cried. I know it took a lot for him to say that with his whole family there, and it showed how much he loves me and will sacrifice anything for me. His favorite part was when I got off the yacht. He didn’t know I was going to come in a yacht and I really wanted to surprise him, so he was really shocked and he cried!

Do you have any DIY projects in your wedding?

I did almost everything for our wedding, from the booking of the suppliers up to the venue and food and cake—even the giveaways! So 90 percent was me!

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was when I had to look for a new venue three weeks before the wedding. I booked a venue as early as July but when I went there for the final check up I discovered that they were the most unprofessional and disorganized company I’ve ever met! It was really tough for me to cancel everything and start from scratch but I had to do it because I didn’t want to be stressed on my wedding day! Looking for a new venue and trying the food again was quite tough, especially when I only had one day to do it. Good thing my mom came with me and my coordinator helped me immensely so I was glad I went with my instincts and did the cancellation because the place we chose was far better and more professional.

Any tips for future brides?

Just let go on the day of the wedding. It will not be perfect and there will always be glitches, but you have no control over it so just breathe and relax and be pretty. The most important thing is that your husband is there and waiting for you at the altar.

Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Gown: Nat Manilag / Coordinator and Florist: Bells and Blooms Boracay (Izy Jingco) / Cake: Lemon Cafe Boracay / Giveaways: Zen Zest (special thanks to Ms. Michelle Asence) / Shoes: Gaupo Shoe Couture (super thanks to Ms. Imelda) / Venue: Hotel Isla / Band: The Patiqueros

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