Mike and Joan

I am so thrilled to share with you a wedding that really made me feel so “in love”. A wedding can be about  fun, excitement, commitment and many other good things. But it’s not often that all of these can be captured in the photos. Mike and Joan’s wedding is one of those weddings that will make you wish you were invited!

I met Joan over email and what a sweet and endearing lady she is! Learning details and stories behind their wedding made me feel I somehow knew the couple personally.We excitedly talked about her feature which I now proudly present to you guys. Don’t forget to read the few words from the couple because it will make all these photos all the more meaningful and dreamy! All I can say is love, love, love!

I am loving the casual and fun cake. Although I am not usually a fan of mixing casual with formal, I certainly think this is an exception. Instead of looking tacky, the cake actually spoke volumes about the couple’s relationship and personalities. These miniature snowboarders are the cutest. (FYI: If you look closely at the cake, each character holds a meaning to their love story. First layer: San Francisco where the couple met, that cute dog in the cake looks exactly like Joan’s dog! Second layer: I saw a video of the couple snowboarding and I thought it was genius that they incorporated it in the cake. Third layer: Mike proposed in Honalulu!)

From the couple:

Why is the wedding so Mike and Joan?

Mike and I are practically complete opposites, and I think the way it manifested itself in the wedding were the subtle contrasting themes. Mike is the more serious and proper one, while I’m  the carefree and laid-back type. We debated so long on choosing over a formal indoor vs. casual outdoor wedding that we ended up with a semi-formal open-air venue like Splendido. Also, I requested a “cartoonish” cake, which tells the story of how we met, activities we do together and the proposal. We also mixed our sit-down dinner with a dessert buffet.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Both of us really loved the homily by Fr. Dacanay. We thought it was the best part of the wedding! It was very personalized and meaningful. Actually during the whole ceremony, we felt so relaxed and we just kept laughing.

Another favorite of Mike’s was the drive going to the chapel. He said it was full of mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, happiness and nervousness—priceless!

Mine, on the other hand, was the drive after the ceremony. It felt pretty surreal and it was our private time to talk about what just happened and catch up with each other! We also had each other’s ring engraved with a secret message so we finally got to read it at that time. He had my ring engraved with “Never 4 granted” and I had his engraved with “My greatest adventure”.

Do you have DIY projects in your wedding?

Mike created our photo montage video as a wedding gift to me.

Reception: Splendido / Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Day Coordinator: Ernest Pascual / Full Coordinator and Flowers: Gina de Guzman / Gown: Veluz / Make-Up: Madge Lejano / Hair: Steve of Make Up Studio / Cake: Penk Ching / Band: Sound Salad

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  1. i L-O-V-E their colors! so rich and royal. =D more more more!!! =D
    Friend, you are doing such an excellent job. =)

  2. Hi Janna, thanks for making us look good. 🙂 you’re very talented in writing and gifted to see beauty all around you! It was such a pleasure meeting you via email. I’m sure in this small world, we’ll cross paths again, hopefully in person na! Baby blogging naman!? Yiiiiikes not yet for me and mike! ;p

    Thanks Ernest! You played a huuuuge part in making our wedding simply gorgeous!:) we miss you!

  3. I always look forward to reading new posts from this blog. I get insiprations from the beautiful photos and write-ups. I myself will soon tie the knot and amidst the preparation, Bride&Breakfast calms me.

    more more more!!! Thanks!

  4. Hi janna,

    I hope to have more wedding clients that you write about. You’re articles are so whimsical and cheery and….in love!

    More power and cheers!
    nina ( manager of sound salad band )

  5. I remember their SDE opened my eyes to same day edit wedding videos especially those done by Jason Magbanua. Im about to get married in a few days and they are the reason why I also got Jason Magbanua as our videographer for the wedding. Do you still have a link that shows their wedding SDE?

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