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Beauty in Blue

Posted by Janna Simpao


Every wedding I write about in B&B has its unique flair. Despite the different styles of each celebration, one thing remains true… it’s beauty. So today we have another romantic one lined up–Robert and Jade’s big day is gorgeous and glamorous. But I think her exquisitely embellished blue bouquet and shoes definitely need to have […]

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Rain and Romance

Posted by Janna Simpao

Peewee and Camille (31)

Remember the cute and retro Stepford Wives-themed engagement shoot of Peewee and Camille? Being the brains behind the The Best-Case Scenario Events certainly was a plus is being exposed to all things wedding, making their own so splendidly fun, homey and quirky. Splashes of rainbow-colored deets, vintage elements and delicious treats leave me daydreaming about […]

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