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Guests at the Bride and Breakfast Garden Soiree

Posted by Janna Simpao

Here are some of the photos of the wonderful people who came and supported us. The event wouldn’t have been a success if it weren’t for them! It’s nice to see the wedding suppliers chilling, relaxing, and just bonding with each other. I hope everyone had a great time because I can’t wait for next […]


The Nook: The Hopeless Romantics

Posted by Janna Simpao

It’s no secret to me that we have readers who are not yet engaged or even some who are not in a relationship. Many of whom secretly stalk the site because it’s a place where they can luxuriously appreciate the beauty and whimsy of weddings. Some are a bit shy to even let their family […]


The Nook: A Wonderful Marriage

Posted by Janna Simpao

I’ve been married for three wonderful years to an amazing husband. And when I say wonderful, I don’t mean problem-free. And by amazing, I do not mean perfect. In fact, to be honest with you, I’m sure I’ve failed the best-wife-in-the-world description more than I’d care to admit and so has Ian (as a husband […]


The Nook: A Salty 2013 to All!

Posted by Janna Simpao

As 2012 came to a close, we could not help but be in awe of the many things that happened for Bride and Breakfast–a totally revamped site, our very first full editorial, and of course the countless beautiful wedding inspirations that we got to feature. Blessed by wonderful new friendships with suppliers and faithful readers, […]


The Nook: Weddings and Meetings

Posted by Janna Simpao

It’s always such a treat to go to destination weddings since it means a quick holiday for me. A few days ago, my husband Ian and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. So flying to Cebu for my bestfriend’s wedding turned out to be an anniversary celebration as well. A welcome basket surprised us when […]


The Nook: First Love Dream Team

Posted by Janna Simpao

I can’t believe that it finally happened! And it just didn’t “happen”, it happened with an amazing team. I decided to write a more extensive description of the partners we worked with, because I realize that many of our readers are curious about these suppliers. With a mix of seasoned and up-and-coming ones in this […]


The Nook: Building a World-Class Brand (For Wedding Suppliers)

Posted by Janna Simpao

If you have a job like mine, you tend to really spend hours and hours looking at websites and other resource materials to see the latest trends. As a blogger, I always try to put myself in the bride’s shoes. It’s important to know what couples nowadays want, what they gravitate to, and what catches […]