The Inspire Initiative BBQ–Raising Relief for Yolanda: Guests

Here are the photos of the people who made time to support The Inspire Initiative to raise funds for Typhoon Yolanda relief efforts. All funds raised from the event went to UNICEF. Photos taken by Jowell Mariano.

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Photographer: Jowell Mariano / Venue: The Mango Farm / Catering: Purple Dish / Event Stylist: Vatel Manila / Event Stylist: Spark + Twinkle / Dessert Table: Joy San Gabriel / Dessert Table: Sugarplum Pastries / Dessert Table: K. by Cunanan / Band: The Manila String Machine / Video Booth: SlowMoo / Videographer: Zoombox / Rental Furniture: Botafogo Event Rentals / Tent: Rey and Chris Catering Equipment Rentals / Ticket Sales: Detalye Weddings and Events / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Joed See Events

Guests at the Bride and Breakfast Garden Soiree

Here are some of the photos of the wonderful people who came and supported us. The event wouldn’t have been a success if it weren’t for them! It’s nice to see the wedding suppliers chilling, relaxing, and just bonding with each other. I hope everyone had a great time because I can’t wait for next year!!!

Make sure you see the crazy SLOWMOO video below!










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Photographer: Adrian Ardiente / Slow Motion Video: SLOWMOO

The Nook: The Hopeless Romantics

It’s no secret to me that we have readers who are not yet engaged or even some who are not in a relationship. Many of whom secretly stalk the site because it’s a place where they can luxuriously appreciate the beauty and whimsy of weddings. Some are a bit shy to even let their family and friends know that B&B is a guilty pleasure, since others might misinterpret their interest on the topic. It’s a valid concern of course, being that our culture is one that tends to mind other people’s business. I don’t even know why I got up this morning wanting to write this article. But let me just spill my thoughts–kindly excuse my scatterbrain writing since I haven’t had decent sleep lately!

Bride and Breakfast was created to help brides envision their perfect wedding, but as years went by, I realized it has also become a field where people (of any relationship status) can take joy in love. I don’t think it was ever God’s requirement that someone ought to be engaged before they acquire the right to go through a bridal blog without judgement. Truth be told, people in general like the thought of a beautiful nuptial because it reflects one of the best assets we have as human beings. It is the ability to love, and the gift of creativity, art and beauty. However, weddings have a way of bringing out our vulnerability–it’s that moment when most of us put down our walls, when it’s ok to shed a tear (even if you are a man) and for some, a moment when they forget that the world has left them jaded and scarred. But, hold on! The world forbid that we show any form of nostalgia and sensitivity toward this cheesy notion of a wedding, because it is a sign of being “weak” right? On the contrary, I think people who love weddings show so much strength and confidence in character. To love, to believe in it, to cherish it, and to aspire for it takes indescribable bravery, trust and courage.

At the end of the day, weddings remind us that love is amazing, love is art, and that God created it to be wonderful. Keeping tabs on beautiful celebrations is not just about wanting to be married, it’s about appreciating creativity, talent, and enjoying beauty. So if you are thinking that we require a ring on your finger for you to fully enjoy this blog, then you are sorely mistaken. If you love pretty things, and appreciate the wonders in details–seeing that each wedding is not just about a couple but every guest, every supplier, every element, that contributed to it being unbelievably breathtaking, then you are one of us. We’re proud to be the hopeless romantics, the advocates of weddings as a commitment, as well as an art form. As for those people who might think it odd that you follow our site, well they don’t know what they are missing… because love and style, well, is just awesome.

The Nook: A Wonderful Marriage

I’ve been married for three wonderful years to an amazing husband. And when I say wonderful, I don’t mean problem-free. And by amazing, I do not mean perfect. In fact, to be honest with you, I’m sure I’ve failed the best-wife-in-the-world description more than I’d care to admit and so has Ian (as a husband I mean). But that’s a whole new post that I’m pretty sure I’d be sharing sooner or later.

As I’ve shared before, I am equally passionate about family life as I am with weddings. That’s why when I read this article from RELEVANT Magazine, a Christian website that talks about faith, culture and intentional living, I couldn’t help but share. The three things Tyler Ward talks about are SOOO TRUUUEEE!!! He totally gets the whole picture. Fortunately these principles were also passed on to us early in our marriage by couples Ian and I consider as real life role models, those who’ve shown us the amazing design of God for marriage. Whether you are about to get married, or already are, or even if you’re still far from getting hitched, this article will really add so much wisdom and light on the richness and fullness of a wonderful married life.

Source: RELEVANT Magazine

The Nook: A Salty 2013 to All!

As 2012 came to a close, we could not help but be in awe of the many things that happened for Bride and Breakfast–a totally revamped site, our very first full editorial, and of course the countless beautiful wedding inspirations that we got to feature. Blessed by wonderful new friendships with suppliers and faithful readers, I felt that yes, this is home.

We wanted to give a small token of appreciation to the friends we’ve made in the industry–hopefully 2013 will triple that number! So the hunt for the perfect gift took place. I wanted it to symbolize something, something special. It may be cheesy, but then again, I live in a world of artists and hopeless romantics right?

Voila! We chanced upon Rocks Gourmet Salt, in truffle flavor. What used to be a condiment I could only find abroad, I was beyond thrilled that I found a local supplier! Plus, it was already tastefully packaged so I didn’t have to worry about gift wrapping anymore. Truffle salt is amazing with scrambled eggs or white sauce pasta. Yum!!!

Salt is one of the things that symbolize life, abundance, and flavor. Very appropriate for what we wish for all our partners in the industry… and for all our readers as well. I hope this 2013 will be a “salty” year of romance, creativity and beauty. I also love how they also put a Bible verse in the back. It really reminds me of how God was the one who blessed our blog from the beginning.

Note to self: I still need to send out some of the remaining gifts that are still with me… Ooops!

Gourmet Salt: Rocks Gourmet Salt