The Nook: 2012 – A Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

For almost two years I have been blogging about beautiful weddings and amazing inspirations. 2012 becomes more real as the days of January roll in, and I can’t help but feel more and more elated at the promise this whole new year brings.

I remember that God placed this desire in my heart to share what inspires me, to help brides by imparting style ideas, to use the talent He has given me to write about the beautiful things and celebrate wonderful relationships. It still seems very surreal when I receive emails from strangers who have been impacted by B&B (yes, every added blog subscriber, Facebook fan and Twitter follower still gives me butterflies in my stomach!),  and I definitely still can’t believe the idea when people say that Bride and Breakfast has made a mark in the Philippine wedding industry.

I say these things not because I want to put B&B on a pedestal but because I want to share how immensely grateful I am. I thank God for blessing the work of my hands daily, I thank the couples and vendors who have graciously allowed me to write about their affairs, and of course I thank you, the ever so faithful follower of the blog.

There are so many things that I want to do this year. And hopefully I will be excellent in pursuing all the creative ideas that are brewing in my head. But more than just blogging, I want you to know that I would love to build friendships with all of you, anyway we do have one thing in common–hopeless romantics who are suckers for pretty bridal inspiration.

So again, here’s to the year ahead! May B&B continue to be part of your daily dose of beauty and inspiration.

Hugs and love,

A favorite photo shot by Francis Perez during my honeymoon in Japan.


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