The Nook: A Salty 2013 to All!

As 2012 came to a close, we could not help but be in awe of the many things that happened for Bride and Breakfast–a totally revamped site, our very first full editorial, and of course the countless beautiful wedding inspirations that we got to feature. Blessed by wonderful new friendships with suppliers and faithful readers, I felt that yes, this is home.

We wanted to give a small token of appreciation to the friends we’ve made in the industry–hopefully 2013 will triple that number! So the hunt for the perfect gift took place. I wanted it to symbolize something, something special. It may be cheesy, but then again, I live in a world of artists and hopeless romantics right?

Voila! We chanced upon Rocks Gourmet Salt, in truffle flavor. What used to be a condiment I could only find abroad, I was beyond thrilled that I found a local supplier! Plus, it was already tastefully packaged so I didn’t have to worry about gift wrapping anymore. Truffle salt is amazing with scrambled eggs or white sauce pasta. Yum!!!

Salt is one of the things that symbolize life, abundance, and flavor. Very appropriate for what we wish for all our partners in the industry… and for all our readers as well. I hope this 2013 will be a “salty” year of romance, creativity and beauty. I also love how they also put a Bible verse in the back. It really reminds me of how God was the one who blessed our blog from the beginning.

Note to self: I still need to send out some of the remaining gifts that are still with me… Ooops!

Gourmet Salt: Rocks Gourmet Salt
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