The Nook: Commitment – An Amazing 2010, An Even Better 2011

A lot of my best blessings this year is somehow related to this blog. I never thought Bride and Breakfast would grow this much this soon. But of course I have all of you to thank! Our success is all because of God’s gracious blessing, amazing weddings, beautiful couples, talented suppliers and our supportive readers who make Bride and Breakfast what it is.

When God moved my heart to write, I noticed how pursuing this blog and marriage has so much in common. And the word that comes to mind is COMMITMENT. Commitment to give your best, commitment to share your heart, commitment during good days and bad, commitment to love what you’re committed to. And that’s what B&B is all about. I write because I’m committed to the passion God has given me and to what this blog stands for: Truth, Beauty and Love.

Here’s to 2011 as we take our Bride and Breakfast journey with all of you hopeless romantics and lovers of beautiful things. May 2011 be blessed!

Hugs and Love,

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