The Nook: Weddings and Meetings

It’s always such a treat to go to destination weddings since it means a quick holiday for me. A few days ago, my husband Ian and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. So flying to Cebu for my bestfriend’s wedding turned out to be an anniversary celebration as well.

A welcome basket surprised us when we got to the hotel and it was filled with the yummiest treats of Cebu. I really thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in my gown the next day. That’s my Julia, always thinking of ways to pamper people!

As usual, my darling husband was there to goof around! For those of you who don’t know, he’s the IT genius behind our simple blog. Don’t know what I’d do without him!

The first day was spent having a massage with the bride-to-be in CHI spa at Shangri-la Mactan. I didn’t get to take a photo since my phone ran out of battery. But wow! that massage was AMAZING! You even get your own villa (talk about VIP treatment!).

In the evening, we met up with a couple of up and coming Cebu suppliers, who we’re collaborating with (yup, it’s gonna be something really gorgeous!). I was thrilled to finally meet Marlon Capuyan, his wife Mildred, and Gizelle of Cuckoo Cloud Concepts. Our meeting took about 5 minutes since they knew exactly what I wanted for our project. So yeah, our ideas just clicked! I love when that happens. Afterwards they were so gracious enough to treat us in this ridiculously delicious Italian restaurant called Giuseppe’s. Their quattro formaggi pasta was heavenly. I gobbled it so fast I forgot to take a photo.

As for the wedding day, I’m pretty sure I’d be writing more about it when I get the official photos. But I absolutely loved my dress by Ito Curata so I decided to post a nice photo of the entourage. Loved the colors! My bestfriend Julia was beyond beautiful in his creation as well, everyone was talking about her gown! She is really one of the most beautiful brides I’ve seen, and I’m not just saying that cause we’re friends! She really looked breathtaking! It was certainly such a privilege to stand with her as her Matron of Honor and celebrate 20 years of wonderful friendship.

How time flies. Look at us here. Probably one of our not-so-breathtaking photos. Hilarious right?

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