7 Places in Cebu to Have Your Dream Wedding

Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful, serene wedding on an island? Imagine white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and the ocean breeze–sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Lucky for us Filipinos, we have one of the most adorned beaches in the world, including the ones in Cebu! So if you’re interested in making your dreams of […]

An Intimate and Romantic Getaway

Afternoon, darlings! Rock Paper Scissors has a sweet treat for us today–a beautiful wedding on a fine, fine Sunday! A beach wedding with a perfect ocean view? Yes, please! But guess what? That’s not the only thing that’ll catch your eye! Miguel Suerte Jr. did a wonderful job creating a stunning and intimate celebration for the newlyweds and their guests. An added touch to the romantic […]

Pink and Precious

Confession! I am probably part of the few people who adore Mondays. I mean, how can I not? When you get surrounded with gorgeous weddings at the start of the week, it’s pretty much a good day (in fact, a good week) ahead. So let’s start this Monday with a beautiful Marlon Capuyan Photography set, […]

The Look



Endearing Ease

It looks to me that we have one totally charming wedding ahead. Mark and Giselle’s celebration of love set against the sea was such an endearing ease. And simply looking through the photos puts me in a calm and soothing mood–I guess it’s because of the refreshing colors used. It’s probably because it’s a beach […]

The Look