Second Lead Syndrome in K-Dramas: This Is What Each Loss Taught Us About Love!

“I am rooting for the underdog”—who knew we’d ever say this in the context of a K-Drama? Yet here we are shedding tears at 2AM, yelling non-sensical things at our laptops like, “Ako nalang, Han Ji Pyeong!” After watching countless dramas that were designed to make us swoon over the charming lead Oppa, we often […]

This ‘Reply 1988’ Inspired Engagement Shoot is Bringing Back All the Feels!

If you’re a K-drama fan like Mon and Mhy but you haven’t watched the series Reply 1988, then consider this engagement shoot as a sign that you’re missing out! Lessons about friendship, family, and love, all wrapped in wit and nostalgia, Reply 1988 will make you feel like you’re a part of their story. No […]

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