QUIZ: What Type of Engagement Shoot Theme Should You Have?

Are you newly engaged? Well, first and foremost, congratulations! You are now about to embark upon your wedding journey, which is both really exciting and (we won’t lie) stressful. But before you start planning the actual wedding, you’ve probably already given some thought to your engagement shoot. Whether you’re going to have one or not? Or even where you’re going to have it, what you should wear, and your theme. If you’re undecided for your theme, then we’ve got the perfect thing for you! Take our fun quiz to find out some tips on what theme you should have. Enjoy!

What Type of Engagement Shoot Theme Should You Have? Photo: Rainbowfish Photography

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, what will you most probably be doing?

What outfit best represents your style?

What trait do you admire most in your fiance?

Where would you want to have your engagement shoot?

What is the one thing you're most worried about for your engagement shoot?

If you could choose one prop to bring to your engagement shoot, what would it be?

What is most important to you for your engagement shoot?

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What Type of Engagement Shoot Theme Should You Have?
Keep it cool and casual

You prefer keeping things low-key, and you're fine with wearing a jeans and top for your photo shot. So don't stress so much--have fun, and enjoy! (Photo: Bryan Venancio)
Go international

You and your fiance love to travel and explore new places. So make use of your sense of adventure together, and find the perfect spot for your picture-perfect background! (Photo: Blufish Photography)
Try D.I.Y.

You're not afraid to take matters and things into your own hands. You're independent, and can definitely take your own photos if you want to. Plus, you get to save some money too! (Photo: Mark and Rina)
Celebrate your quirks

You have a colorful personality--so don't be afraid to let it show in your photos. Whether it's through your favorite movies or characters, let your quirkiness and playfulness shine through! (Photo: Zab Trinidad)
Utilize your hobbies

Are there shared hobbies that you and your fiance both love? You should consider showing them in your photos. Not only will you be doing something you both enjoy, you'll be having fun too! (Photo: Owen and Nikka Photography)
Tell a story

How you and your fiance met, how you got engaged, and everything in between--you're a natural storyteller. Put an interesting twist to your engagement shoot by telling your story through your photos. (Photo: BlackTieProject)

Disclaimer: If no result shows up, this might mean that your answers may have resulted in a tie.


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