6 RTW Lace Wedding Gowns You Need In Your Life

Hunting for wedding gowns? Then I strongly invite you to take a look at this! Ladies, don’t just brush off the thought of having a ready-to-wear wedding gown on your big day! You’ll pleasantly be surprised with the delightful dresses we have here. Different styles that will definitely cater to your taste, made with a […]

Rosa Clara + Bride and Breakfast Discount Coupon

Remember the Rosa Clara Exhibit we talked about last week? Well, being the official online partner of this dreamy brand, we have an exclusive perk that our readers will definitely enjoy. Here is the discount coupon I was talking about a few days ago. This coupon entitles Bride and Breakfast readers to a special 5% […]

Rosa Clara Bridal Collection Exhibit

If you are a bride-to-be in search of “the dress”, or a sucker for gorgeous weddings gowns just like me, then this event is a must-see. We’ve featured the breathtaking designs of Rosa Clara and Aire Barcelona in our Fashion Friday and Real Weddings posts before remember? Well now’s your chance to see them up […]

Fashion Friday: Veluz RTW Bridal 2013

Do you remember falling in love for the very first time? How you can’t seem to breathe. How every single detail about that object of affection is so memorable, and yet surreal at the same time. How you dread goodbyes and find yourself wide awake in your bed thinking of the next time you’ll meet […]