6 RTW Lace Wedding Gowns You Need In Your Life

Hunting for wedding gowns? Then I strongly invite you to take a look at this! Ladies, don’t just brush off the thought of having a ready-to-wear wedding gown on your big day! You’ll pleasantly be surprised with the delightful dresses we have here. Different styles that will definitely cater to your taste, made with a fine fabric we love: lace! The best part? They’re all available locally! Click play and swoon!

1. Just look at the beauty and simplicity of this Ivory and White gown! If a no-frills lace gown is what you’re going for, then this dress would be perfect for you.

2. Or, you can always go for this more classic Mi Sueño number–trust us, you’ll never go wrong with this one.

3. This Francis Libiran Bridal beauty is screaming fairytales and ball gowns! If you wanna be the center of attention even more than you already will be, then why not go for this one?!

4. Can you see the hint of pink underneath this White Label beauty? It’s one of the things that makes it stand out! I can totally imagine this in a beach wedding.

5. This dainty gown from The Bridal Room is just gosh darn cute. I love the way the train falls behind the bride–those lace details are a winner!

6. That gorgeous back detail from this Jazel Sy gown really won me over. I mean seriously. I can’t stop drooling, errr, looking at this one!

Can you even believe these are RTW? So pretty! We hope you had fun looking through these dresses!

Photographer: GJ Esguerra
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