Second Lead Syndrome in K-Dramas: This Is What Each Loss Taught Us About Love!

“I am rooting for the underdog”—who knew we’d ever say this in the context of a K-Drama? Yet here we are shedding tears at 2AM, yelling non-sensical things at our […]

Relive Some Scenes from “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” in This Engagement Shoot

If your world stopped for a few weeks because of Ko Mun Yeong and Gang-Tae, then you’ll understand our excitement when we came across this “It’s Okay to Not Be […]

The Look




7 Love and Life Lessons I Learned From Watching K-dramas

Staying home and having more time in our hands may have turned many of us into pseudo Koreans. Our binge watching of K-drama has completely convinced us to try out […]