Look at This Couple’s Own Version of ‘Crash Landing on You’ Shoot That They Did for Their 25th Anniversary!

When you mix love, lockdown, and genuine creativity, you’ll create something so extraordinary, it’s almost original! It was such a breather to come across this set of photos of Edwin and Lynette, both ‘Crash Landing On You’ fans who happen to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday. Using props and outfits they found at home, they did their own take on the very popular K-Drama which they entitled, “Crash Lockdown on You: A 25th Anniversary Special”. It was a full family production with their kids pitching in to support the Filipino remake of Captain Ri and Se-Ri. We’re loving all the emotions in these photos! You have to see it!

We are Loving This Couple’s Own Version of ‘Crash Landing on You’ Scenes They Shot For Their Anniversary While on Lockdown!

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