Fashion Friday: Jazel Sy LookbookMNL

Jazel Sy has always been known for her intricate and feminine designs. Today we get another glimpse of her beautiful creations photographed by Imagine Nation Photography. With a set design by Oh Happy Day Events + Design that will make you dream of all things wonderful, we can’t help but dream our Friday away. Designer: […]

Bride and Breakfast: Top 20 Weddings of 2011 and 2012

So this is the first time were doing this, but it’s about time we did! Every year, we see so many beautiful weddings. Day after day, we get to write about all the wonderful stories, stare at gorgeous details and daydream the afternoon away. Well, this post is a summary of our best days here […]

Worth the Wait

Sometimes waiting can be the best thing that can happen to us. Waiting for the right person, the right time, the right love. For Mikko and Jo, waiting led to the right moment–an amazing day to say I do’s. Yes siree, this wedding is quirky perfection. From cute to charming, this affair has style stamped […]

The Look



The Nook: Before “I Do” Pre-Wedding Workshop

Lately, Matti (our son) has really taken most of my time. With me juggling being a mom, a full-time blogger, plus all the responsibilities of being a wife, I feel the hours are just not enough. And sometimes it’s really Ian who ends up taking the backseat. Being married for 2 years and 3 months […]

All the Things to Love

I love how pastels are so pleasant on the eyes. I love pretty gowns and preppy suits. I love pink peonies. I love bright and sunny photos. I love chic weddings. And I love happy endings. I pretty much LOVE everything about this affair. Carl and Ai’s by-the-beach bash? I love. Tagged: Beso de Sol […]

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