This Couple Opted For an Unscripted Pre-Wedding Video in Their Future Home and We Loved It!

Love stories are always so personal. So when Camille Co, one of the popular bloggers/vloggers in the Philippines and Joni Koro narrated theirs in this engagement video by Treehouse Story, we were all eyes and ears. These two, who are definitely not new to being in front of the camera, had no idea how they wanted the video to turn out. The solution? They just went with the flow! They decided to shoot a casual and unscripted video in their future home, answering questions on the spot about their love story. Both of them had no idea how the other would answer. They talked about how their love started, reminiscing not only the moment but also the feelings, which obviously gave both of them the butterflies. They shot in their unfinished home (yup! It was still undergoing some tweaks, but they were still very excited to shoot there!), very symbolic of the new life they are about to build together. Though they did shoot in extra locations, every moment of goofing around and showing affection was without any directing or planning. The result was amazing. It showed how these two were like on and off camera. This is truly a video they can both rewatch years from now to remind them of where it all began. Below are some favorite lines we quoted from the video too.

“I think I realized how much I loved you because I’m so scared of losing you. Not losing you like we’re going to break up or anything, but losing you because something is going to happen to you. That’s what I’m scared of.” - Camille

“Every time I look at how kind you are to everyone—to the people around you, to your dogs, to me—I always tell you afterwards that I feel so lucky to have found you.” - Camille

“Love is basically the foundation of everything. Without love, it’s very hard to be the best of you.” - Joni

“I don’t know how to explain love in words because I feel like love is basically us. Love is our relationship. Love is how you look at me. Love is how you take care of me. Love is how I look at you. Love is how I take care of you. Love is how I talk about you. Love is how you talk about me. Love is us, basically.” - Camille

“The amount of love is huge. I really love you as you are, the kind of person that you are.” - Joni

“You’re really my safe place. You’re really my home, and I feel very secure with you. I feel like with you, we can do anything. With us, it’s really a partnership. And I remember even when I was single, I wanted to look for a partner who I can see myself grow old with for a really long time. Someone I wouldn’t get bored with. Someone who I can talk to all the time. I can imagine myself being with him forever. Forever is such a long time, but with you, I can really see it. I can spend forever with you.” - Camille


Videographer: Treehouse Story
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