Grandeur and Grace

Today we are graced with two gorgeous occasions photographed by Pat Dy: an engagement shoot and a wedding… and you might want to take a moment to prepare yourself for how divine both truly are! From the very moment you take your first look at Miguel and Nicole’s engagement shoot, you get the feeling you’ve jumped into a movie! Cliffsides and gowns […]

Sweethearts and Symphony

A beautiful wedding is like a melodious tune where notes just blend so well together that the song evokes overwhelming emotions. Aldwin and Tin’s pretty pastel affair photographed by Ian Celis has left us swaying to a symphony of love, romance and beauty. With softness and sweetness found in every frame, it’s hard not to […]

The Look




Regally Romantic

Oliver and Aoui’s wedding is one glam affair. Now this is something that will wow our adventurous brides-to-be. I am TOTALLY in love with the avant-garde gorgeous gown. Fun, fab, and free-spirited, the feel of this wedding is regally romantic. It’s a feel-good Monday! Tagged: Bizu / Blue Leaf / Empire Weddings / Frederick Peralta […]