This Couple Opted For an Unscripted Pre-Wedding Video in Their Future Home and We Loved It!

Love stories are always so personal. So when Camille Co, one of the popular bloggers/vloggers in the Philippines and Joni Koro narrated theirs in this engagement video by Treehouse Story, we were all eyes and ears. These two, who are definitely not new to being in front of the camera, had no idea how they […]

Finders Keepers

Let’s just finally admit it, we are all hopeless romantics. Shown a moderately cute love story, we break out in a smile. Shown an amazing SDE and we are beside ourselves with tears! It’s okay, it happens. Especially when we chance upon videos like this one of Cinemaworks in collaboration with Cherryblocks for Ron and Anna’s […]

A Passion Concoction

When Alvin of Mayad Studios contacted me regarding this amazing video, I was squealing with delight. I knew I could expect these guys to take me into an entirely new level of gorgeousness. And I guess they also know I am a fan of their international work. I honestly dont know where to begin. I […]