It’s Shakespeare in Love

In this age of creativity and practical budgets, DIY is a bride’s best friend. Loving the details on this crazy artistic affair. Marco and Corinne’s wedding day looked like a scene from a modern and quirky Shakespearean play–now that’s what you call character! Cheers to artists, poets and love. Gown: Geof Gonzales / Suit: Carmeli […]

The Look




    Young, Yours and Yellow

    You guessed it right, it’s yellow day today! Not only do we have a dashing couple, we also have buttons, checkered patterns, pinwheels and other DIY goodies overflowing with cuteness. Inspired by Allan and Sig’s bright-as-sunshine personalities, this wedding radiates a fun-loving/bubbly/relaxed/quirky/childlike vibe (one adjective wasn’t enough to get the idea across)! Yes it’s yellow […]

    Arie and Her Drop-Dead Dreamy Day

    Today might come as surprise to all of you! For the first time ever, we are featuring a celebration that is not a wedding. Now I have a few good reasons why I am doing this. First, the styling of is ridiculously pretty. Second, brides can definitely learn a thing or two and be inspired […]

    Backyard Bliss

    The long weekend definitely came by too quickly. And because we’ve been gone for a while, it’s only fair to start the week with a bang! For those couples dreaming of a laid-back, garden barkyard-ish feel kind of wedding, this super cute wedding will blow your mind. What I totally love about this wedding is […]

    Detailicious I Do’s

    Nothing does it like a detailicious affair to end the week with a bang. I can’t even begin telling you how much I love this wedding. In fact, I’d even say it’s one of my favorites so far. It is casual but elegant, effortless and fun. Weddings like this inspire subtle creativity and understated charm. […]