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It seems like I am having this love affair with weddings and anything connected to it. I am just so enamored by the beauty, taste and creativity it can possess. As I have previously featured my own post-nuptial shoot, I come with you again with another video that is very close to my heart.

My good friend Anna also known as Kat got married last weekend. She agreed to have Style to the Aisle, a new and tasteful personal styling company to do her conceptualizing and styling for her pre-nuptial photo shoot. Style to the Aisle was created by Rachelle Que, one of the more experienced stylists in the fashion scene of Manila (plus she studied styling in New York) and yours truly, a plain lover of fashion, art and everything in between!  Julius Sebastian, a very talented photographer teamed up with us to make the vision come to life. To read more about Richard and Anna’s shoot click here.

As for now B&B proudly gives you, a quirky, street chic video of a very fun and bubbly couple!

Photography: Julius Sebastian / Styling, Concept and Video Production: Style to the Aisle

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  1. Good job, Janna, Rache and Julius!!! The shoot is beautiful! I love the photos, the clothes, the place– the ambience. So beautiful! And it just shows a lot about the couple’s natural character and banter– and how they love each other! You can see it in their smile and in the stolen captured moments! Anna looks so stunning gorgeous! Too blooming! I miss you Anna! Wishing you all the best in your marriage 🙂

  2. i love love love this concept by style to the aisle! :)) Good job with the blog and video Jans! 😀 Super cute couple! Congrats!

  3. Our couple Richard and Anna were both so good with the camera! We were pretty sure the photos will come out amazing. Julius Sebastian is a great photographer!

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