DIY Engagement Shoot: Inspiring Ireland

It’s fun to hear from B&B’ers. A couple of days ago, Elda sent me an email. I simply enjoyed the idea of a DIY engagement shoot (this might inspire those on a budget for their big day). It also doesn’t hurt that the location is breathtaking. Having an engagement shoot is not just about producing wonderful pictures but creating fun memories as you go through the process. I remember my own post wedding shoot and all I could think of was how fun it was doing it. So here’s another couple to share about theirs.

My fiance’s hobby is photography and he usually puts his pictures on his blog site. We’ve wanted to try out and make our own engagement photo session before our actual prenup shoot with our photographer, Pat Dy (the first time I saw his pics was actually from your blog too).  Since my fiance and I are both based in Ireland, we decided to show different locations in Ireland  for our shoot. We also decided not to ask any of our friends for help as we wanted to know if we can do it by ourselves. It was quite a challenge to think of locations, concepts, styling, etc. on our own. The tripod was really our best friend during the shoots.

I hope you’ll like it. May these photos inspire you more and in turn inspire other readers like me too.

Happy weekend!


Photography and Styling: Francis and Elda


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