Mix Matched Charm

I totally fell in love with Kenneth and Belen’s engagement session captured by a photog we love, Randolf Evan. It seems like they threw away the rule book on concept shoots and just decided to run with their gut and be themselves, embracing their different cultural heritage. Even if both looks were totally different, it seems like the flair for pretty prints has really brought out the couple’s playful side. I dunno what exactly makes this totally work, but the contrast of country shabby chic and tribal boho charm just does. The best of both worlds this sunny Thursday!

P.S. – If you are curious why there is a 5 HKD coin in one of the photos, Belen shares why:

I started to save $5 each day before I met Kenneth (actually it started after I recovered from my past relationship, and started to believe in LOVE again). I promised myself to save $5 each day together with a wish, and I will buy our wedding rings with this money as a gift for my future husband. When my friends knew that I was saving $5 coins, they kept a lot for me. Our wedding rings are so meaningful now–not only my everyday wish, it’s also about our friend’s blessings.

Photographer: Randolf Evan
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