Arie and Her Drop-Dead Dreamy Day

Today might come as surprise to all of you! For the first time ever, we are featuring a celebration that is not a wedding. Now I have a few good reasons why I am doing this. First, the styling of is ridiculously pretty. Second, brides can definitely learn a thing or two and be inspired to go for a DIY/Martha Stewart-ish/Shabby Chic theme. And thirdly, this post could not come at a better timing with my pregnancy.

So Buding Aquino-Dee, an award-winning mom and certified breastfeeding counselor (hooray!) threw her little princess the most fabulous party ever. Yes, this is a kiddie party but better get ready for some pure prettiness. Karen Ilagan did an excellent job capturing this beautiful bash (FYI, she also shoots weddings)! The styling was done by Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland under the direction of our chic mom/style visionary! If her daughter’s first birthday looks like this, I see little Arie’s wedding featured in B&B 25 years from now! Brilliant, just brilliant!

Photography: Karen Ilagan / Styling: Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland under the direction of Buding Aquino-Dee / Venue: Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse

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