A Lavender and Baby Pink Classic Romantic Wedding

Good morning, everyone! Let’s start the weekend with Mark and Stephie’s romantic wedding at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. I love how this couple gave a modern twist to the classic all-white wedding. Adding tones of blush and lavender, together with the picturesque backdrop of Bataan, made this celebration so much more enchanting. I also can’t […]

The Look



Grandeur and Grace

Today we are graced with two gorgeous occasions photographed by Pat Dy: an engagement shoot and a wedding… and you might want to take a moment to prepare yourself for how divine both truly are! From the very moment you take your first look at Miguel and Nicole’s engagement shoot, you get the feeling you’ve jumped into a movie! Cliffsides and gowns […]

Sealed with Sophistication

Today, I am inviting you to a wedding that is sealed with nothing but sophistication. Stephen and Sari’s celebration of love took us to a whole new level of tropical chicness. And how they managed to smoothly combine elegance with elements of the tropics remains a mystery to me. But I am definitely delighted to the […]