A Laidback and Intimate Rooftop Wedding with A Hipster Vibe

There are four things we love about this wedding. First, its cool, muted color scheme of blues, grays, and greens. Second, the unique and personalized elements, like the invitation cards, […]

A Church Wedding in Bohol with Hints of Gray and Beige

I’ll never grow tired of beach weddings and shoots. I think it’s because they always make me feel as if I have my toes in the sand, breathing in the […]

A Creative Engagement Shoot in Zambales

Feeling a little lazy this Sunday afternoon? Don’t worry we’ve got some cool inspo to get you all pumped up! This creative e-sesh of Martin and Kookoo is all about character […]

The Look




This Hip Wedding Will Make You Wish You Could Have an On Fleek Celebration!

Ever felt like you wanted to do something for your wedding, but wasn’t sure if the rest of the world would approve of it? Well, fret no more! More and […]

The Look