Video: Wesley and Kaye

There’s so much to look forward to in this affair. The wedding of Wesley and Kaye (the owner of the famous K. by Cunanan catering) is one we’ve been waiting to see for months now. So when Pat Dy posted this slideshow, we couldn’t help but show it here. Of course I am totally excited to see more styling details, and we’re dying to see more of the official photos, but for now, let’s settle for a teaser. C’mon! right? That Veluz gown is just so… dreammmmy! And I super duper love Kaye’s bouquet by Vatel Manila. Can’t wait for more!

Photographer: Pat Dy / Bride’s Dress: Veluz / Bouquet: Vatel Manila

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Colors’s 15!

Imagine my surprise when a friend sent me a text yesterday saying congratulations. I was a bit confused, also due to the fact that I was in the movie house and had no internet to help me figure out what she was talking about. When I got home and opened my trusty laptop, I was floored! We were listed as one of the 15 blogs worth following in (yey)! Honestly, there are days when I just need that extra kick to keep going. Every encouragement, whether it’s a personal email from one of our readers, or people clicking that Like or Tweet button under each post, and now, a mention in another cool website, is most certainly appreciated (especially on days when I get lazy to write–yup I’m human too)! Thank you, for encouraging me to keep blogging, And thank you to all of our readers, especially those who’ve LIKED, TWEETED, and helped get the word out there. You guys rock!

Bridal Elegance Editorial: Patty Laurel for Bride and Breakfast

There will always be that unique glow as a woman is about to be betrothed. Love consumes her very soul as she dreams the day away. She is like a beautiful rose, so fragrant and fragile. And yes, her beauty shines like the radiant sun. Because Bride and Breakfast is committed to bringing you the most romantic of romantics, we collaborated with a creative team in capturing a Bridal Elegance Shoot that will inspire every bride out there.

So why this editorial? A Bridal Elegance Shoot is usually done before the bride gets married. It aims to capture the bride-to-be’s beauty, youth and happiness. We asked Patty Laurel to do this shoot with us before she said her I do’s because we wanted a real bride to help bring to life the emotion only a woman in love can emulate. And wow, she was definitely one of the most amazing (inside and out) real brides we’ve met. And while it may be true that we have featured our fair share of wonderful couple’s shoots, we’re still hoping to see more Bridal Elegance Shoots like this from real brides out there. (C’mon ladies! Celebrate that prettiness!)

With such a gifted team behind this collaboration, our jaws dropped when we saw the photos and video. And yes, I can’t think of a better way to start our week.

And of course the video by Mayad is just breathtaking…

Photographer: Cherryblocks / Head Wreath and Bicycle: Vatel Manila / Stylist: Aira Franco / Assistant Stylist: Fritz Mortel / Makeup Artist: Mayone Bakunawa / Bridal Elegance Video: Mayad / Hosted By: Bride and Breakfast / Model and Real Bride: Patty Laurel-Filart

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Surprise, Surprise! Our Newest Baby for 2013!

I am just dying to tell everyone our newest surprise for 2013. And this stems from the merging of two things that I am passionate about–being a mom, and the other, loving pretty things. I bet you know where this is leading right? Yes siree, we’re starting a new blog and it will be about baby inspirations! Baby and Breakfast will be home to bun-in-the-oven affairs like baby showers and maternity shoots, real life tips, kid’s fashion, and of course, the gorgeous tot parties and children’s shoots that we’ve been seeing left and right. Since this is all still in our workshop, we’re gonna have to ask all the stylish mommies and daddies to wait just a wee bit longer!

Here is the first draft of our baby blog design by Anna Cristobal as inspired by our original Bride and Breakfast site that was designed by Fozzy Dayrit of The Fozzy Book. Our design will still undergo a lot of polishing so I’m leaving some room for some surprise factor for when we finally launch it.

What do you think?

God has truly blessed Bride and Breakfast these past years. We cannot thank you enough for the warm support we have received from all of you–I still get giddy with all the thank you emails we receive! Now another adventure begins as we take a bigger step towards inspiring our readers. We hope that you will be as excited as we are (and we are crazy excited)!

And to my handsome little chubba wubba Matti–thank you for inspiring mommy in so many ways! This new blog is dedicated to you, my sweetheart!

Belle and Breakfast: Stef

It’s raining quirky charm today, and it’s probably because of Stef’s Mad 18th birthday. Just to give everyone a heads-up, we’ve started showing a few debutante photo shoots under the Belle and Breakfast category, because these celebrations are also loaded with bucketfuls of fun inspiration. This one in particular makes you want to get lost in Wonderland. Captured by the equally-quirky photographer Noel Salazar, we knew we were in for a crazy treat. And yes, it’s fun to be 18!

Photographer: Noel Salazar / Event Styling: Henry Pascual

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