Couture Meets RTW: This Bridal Collection Can Be Tweaked to Your Taste

After the two-year slow down in the wedding scene, some brides prefer to do things simpler and faster but without sacrificing style and quality. If you’re this type of bride, how does well-made, couture-level, ready-to-wear collection sound like to you? The bridal gowns from Steph Tan’s freshly launched collection named “Kaleidoscope Dreams” bring both fashion-forward […]

This Designer Can Bring Your Dream Wedding Dress to Life!

There are no two brides alike and this is what makes the search for the perfect wedding dress exciting! What you wear when the ceremony door opens is part of your unique wedding story and it takes an experienced designer to breathe life into your vision. While there’s nothing wrong with opting for an off-the-rack […]

Stylish Bridal Dress Ideas Based on Your Wedding Venue!

While there really are no standard rules for bridal fashion, one consideration in choosing which style you’ll walk down the aisle in is your wedding venue. Having your bridal attire complement your venue will not only help you settle on a shortlist of options, but it will also contribute in making your whole wedding aesthetic […]

You Can Rent Local and International Designer Gowns From This Unique Online Bridal Store!

Admit it, even before you got engaged, you’ve already started following a good number of bridal dress designers–both local and international–and imagined how stunning you’ll look in one of their pieces someday. Now that you’re engaged, you realize that having one made by a famous designer means that you have to scrimp on so many […]

These are the Most Memorable Entourage Fashion Choices of 2021!

Apart from bridal gowns, there are also entourage outfits that left their mark this year. Entourage members can certainly step up when it comes to style, and make your whole wedding aesthetic even more remarkable. We love seeing so many exciting fashion choices, so we rounded up a few that truly stood out to us. […]