Things to Prepare for Your Wedding Dress Shopping Day

Planning to buy an RTW (ready-to-wear) wedding dress? It is convenient, especially because you can fit the dresses right away. Before you go for the actual shopping, you’ll want to prepare for it so it doesn’t feel overwhelming or like a waste of time. You can’t just show up unprepared. What dresses should you be trying on? Which stores should you go to? What do you bring when you go to a store? We want to help make your shopping experience easier and more convenient. We listed below some tips on what to prepare as you take on this journey of finding your wedding dress.

Things to Prepare for Your Wedding Dress Shopping Day

The Shopping Appointment

You might think that buying a ready-to-wear wedding dress will not require much time and can be tasked later on. But think about the alterations that need to be done, the fittings. And if you’re also going to have it cleaned, it’s going to take some time unless they offer rush services. When you add those things together, you will definitely see the importance of setting a bridal appointment on top of your priorities. We also recommend calling your chosen store ahead to set an appointment, so you’ll be assured that you can be accommodated and a stylist/consultant will be ready to help you.

A Shortlist of Bridal Stores

Make a shortlist of the bridal stores that have beautiful collections and that you really want to check out. It’ll save you a lot of time as compared to visiting every store that will make it harder to narrow down your options. Start with store locations that are nearer to where you live and go from there.

Your Wedding Dress Budget

We know how exciting it is to try on different dresses! Before you go shopping, ask yourself how much you’re actually willing to spend for your wedding dress. It will help you set your expectations as you look into the gorgeous designs and select your options. No matter what your budget is for your dress, the goal really is to stick to your non-negotiables.

A List of Questions for the Stylist

Make a list of questions for the resident stylist/bridal consultant prior to your scheduled appointment. Include important questions such as their rates, alteration services, shipping or delivery, and fittings. Don’t hesitate to ask other questions especially if it has something to do with your personal preferences. This will make your search for your wedding dress a lot easier as you get to compare the dresses and stores, and see if they meet your non-negotiables.

Proper undergarments

When you do your bridal dress fitting, try to look at yourself in the mirror as if it’s already your wedding day. Wearing skin tone undergarments helps you visualize your final look. You should also consider a seamless underwear especially if you’re going for a fitted dress. When you do so, you no longer have to just imagine how it’ll look like on your wedding day but rather see for yourself if you like the fit.

The Shoes You Plan to Wear for Your Wedding

Which type of shoes do you plan to wear on your wedding day? If you see yourself wearing heels, bring a sample pair of the exact heel size you intend to wear when you do your fittings. Just like the undergarments, it will help you visualize your overall look. But more importantly, it will allow the stylist to see how to hem the dress that you already selected.

Your Bridal Party

Did you already choose your bridal party? It helps if you already did before you go in search for your wedding dress. Apart from having them on your wedding day, you can also invite some of them to your dress fittings. That way you can enjoy trying on different dresses and ask for your closest friends’ thoughts about how you look in them. And when you finally pick the one, they will also know how to assist you in putting on your dress on your wedding day!

An Open Mind to Try Different Dresses

You may find yourself showing up to the bridal store and trying specific dresses that you already envisioned yourself in. That’s actually great because it means you know what you are looking for. However, we also suggest you try to be open about checking out different styles and colors because who knows, you might end up loving them!

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