Here’s a Timeline for When To Purchase Your Wedding Essentials

We recently wrote about wedding planning steps for brides who just got engaged to give you an overview of what the process will be like. Now, let’s narrow down some of the wedding essentials that you’ll need to add on your checklist and when to buy or prepare them. We recommend setting a timeline as it gives you a clearer view of the things that need to be done, lead times, and an idea of what to prioritize first. This will also give you ample time to deal with issues that may arise in the midst of planning. So, here’s a list of wedding essentials and when you should purchase them. Read on.

Here's a Timeline for When to Purchase Your Wedding Essentials

8 Months Before the Wedding

Wedding Dress

If you don’t have a specific designer or shop in mind yet, then you will most likely visit several shops to find “the one.” And you have to allot time for that. Some brides start shopping for their wedding dress 11-12 months before their big day, but 8 months before should be alright. This will give your atelier or designer time for fitting and alterations.

Wedding Accessories

Think about your veil, purse, and jewelry. These are the things that many brides tend to disregard up to the last minute. Shopping for your wedding accessories should be fun as you can personally pick the design that you want for yourself. Consider the design of your dress as you shop for accessories. It’s a good idea to have these on-hand as you do your final fitting so you can see what your whole look will be.

Wedding Shoes

Whether it will be custom-made or ready-to-wear, it’s important that you finalize your wedding shoes before your final fitting. This is to give the seamstress an idea how to adjust and hem your wedding dress. And you can use this time to practice walking in your wedding shoes, too!

Wedding Souvenirs

While wedding souvenirs or favors are optional, you might want to give your guests something to remember your day or, at least, thank them for coming. If you’re planning to give away souvenirs, it’s best to order them early on as they are usually customized and they take time to be done when you’re ordering in bulk.

4 Months Before the Wedding


At this point in your planning, you and your partner should already shop for your wedding rings. Rings also require fitting and possibly resizing. If you want them custom-made, the earlier you book, the better. Ask your jeweler how much lead time custom rings will require, but safe to say you should give an allowance of at least 3 to 4 months.


If you are renting tables and chairs for the reception, you can book your wedding furniture around  3 to 4 months before your wedding. Remember that other couples may be booking their slots, too. So it’s best to lock it in already!

2 Months Before the Wedding

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit contains the essentials you need for those just-in-case moments. Securing the items as early as 2 months before your wedding will keep you stress-free. So, make sure to include: safety pins, bobby pins, band-aids, medicine, and disinfectant, among others.

Gifts for Your Wedding Entourage

When you finally have the major details settled, you can now think of what you’re going to give your bridal party! It doesn’t matter how much it is for as long as it’s thoughtful and personal.

Wedding Dress Undergarments

Once you’re done with your first fitting, you can already purchase the undergarments that are specific to the type of your dress. We recommend purchasing the appropriate undergarments once the cut or style of your dress is final.

1 Month Before the Wedding

Place Cards/Escort Cards

Your guests have most likely RSVP-ed now. If so, you can already order place cards for your guests. This is to direct them to their seats during the reception. You can also opt for escort cards with just their table numbers if you don’t want to be very specific about the exact seating arrangement.

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