What to Do When You and Your Friend Have the Same Wedding Date

Have you ever watched the movie Bride Wars? The one where Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play best friends who get their weddings scheduled on the same day due to a mishap. Chaos ensues between the two friends throughout the movie– competing over guests, sabotaging hair appointments, you get the picture. Watch if you haven’t yet!

Seriously, however, no one wants a movie plot like that happening in real life. But with so many weddings occurring left and right, we can’t rule out the possibility either. So, what do you do when you find yourself in this tricky situation? Read on for some helpful advice!

What to Do When You and Your Friend Have the Same Wedding Date

Validate Your Feelings
First of all, if you’re disappointed, acknowledge it. Feel your feelings. You’ll have an easier time moving on and finding the silver lining in this situation if you face how you feel upfront. It’s normal to be distressed about this especially if that particular friend is close to you. You would both want to be at each other’s special day. Remember that your friend is feeling the same way as you are. Once you’ve processed how you feel, make time to sit down and have a conversation with one another.

Openly Communicate
When you’re ready to talk to each other, go ahead and clear the air but do so in a kind manner. Weddings aren’t competitions. First and foremost, you are still friends. To avoid conflicts, hear each other out and explain to one another why you chose that wedding date. It may have a significant meaning for your friend or it was the most convenient because so many relatives will be flying in from abroad. Whatever the reason is listen with an open mind.

Part of your conversation should also be about your suppliers. You wouldn’t want to target the same team, because this will cause an unnecessary argument. Talk about your initial plans and other events such as the bridal shower so that your pre-wedding activities don’t coincide.

Respect the Decision of Your Guests
Expect that some common friends in your circle will not be able to attend your wedding. The same goes for your friend. There are many factors that your guests will consider such as convenience and budget. Will your wedding require them to travel? Are they part of the entourage? Again, it’s not a contest. There’s no need for you to fight over guests. The best you can do in this scenario is to just send your save-the-dates early to your close friends and relatives. But do accept their decisions with respect.

Find Ways to Celebrate Together
I mentioned finding a silver lining earlier, but how exactly? Think of it this way. Even if you can’t be at each other’s wedding, you can always create opportunities to celebrate with each other. Maybe have a joint bridal shower or engagement party. Do a post-wedding brunch with all of your common friends. And how about a couples’ trip on your wedding anniversaries? It’s a fun and exciting way to make memories together and to turn this situation around.

Be Happy for Your Friend
Most of all, share in your friend’s happiness. I’m sure your friend will do the same for you, too! Help each other out as fellow brides, share your best wedding planning tips and budget hacks with one another. This is a season in your life that only happens once in a lifetime, so treasure it together.

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