Should You Tip Your Wedding Suppliers?

We all know that suppliers play a huge role in making dream weddings happen. Their efforts and hard work all for your big day is definitely something you wouldn’t take for granted. That’s why couples can’t help but show their gratitude and appreciation by giving their suppliers gifts, tokens, or tips.

You might be wondering though: On top of paying for their services, is it necessary to tip your suppliers? A bride from our Facebook Community also asked what even is the appropriate amount for tips? It would be valuable to know the thoughts and opinions coming from wedding suppliers themselves, so that soon-to-wed couples can gain better insights. Let’s find out if there really is a standard tipping practice in the industry.

We asked a few wedding suppliers to answer some important questions about tipping. Read on to find out what they have to say!

Should You Tip Your Wedding Suppliers?

Is it necessary to tip your suppliers?
The suppliers we got in touch with all say that tips are not necessary. Knowing that you are happy and satisfied with their work is more than enough of a reward for them. Weddings entail a lot of expenses and suppliers acknowledge this fact. So, anything you give as extra is a bonus but not at all a requirement.

“It always surprises us when we do receive monetary gifts especially because we know that these are our couples’ hard-earned money” Treehouse Story, Videographer

“For us, getting tipped is like receiving a bonus or reward--highly appreciated and even morale boosting--but rest assured that we will always give our one hundred percent without expecting it in return.” Iya Gueco, Makeup Artist

“It's always good to go an extra mile for those who have helped you. Of course there are many other ways to show your appreciation, the bride and groom should not feel pressured to lend more money if it does not fit into their budget.” Ed Millard Photography, Photographer

Is there an appropriate amount for tipping?
There’s not exactly a standard percentage or amount for tipping your wedding suppliers. The amount you give depends on how much you are comfortable with, and what fits your budget. You can also consider how satisfied you are with your supplier’s service.

“A simple thank you and words of encouragement have always been rewarding enough for us! If the client does prefer tipping, we believe there's no right amount as long as it sends the message of appreciation.” Theia Films, Videographer

“I’m not sure there really is a certain amount or percentage required. Based on experience, we usually get an average of Php500 to Php1000 per person. I also remember we even got Php120 each enclosed in an ampao from a tinghun which were distributed to all guests. I find that cute!” Regina Roque, Photographer

How do suppliers feel about receiving tips?
It certainly is a thoughtful gesture that suppliers are happy to receive, much like how the rest of us are excited about performance bonuses at work! Suppliers consider tips as a bonus and a token of your appreciation for their craft.

“It's always a good feeling to receive tips from clients, but having our hard work recognized alone and seeing happy clients is already enough to warm our hearts.” Ed Millard Photography, Photographer

“I always feel elated and overwhelmed because to be honest I don’t expect such gesture in every wedding that we have. The tip is a well acknowledged expression of the couple’s generosity that my team and I will always be thankful for.” Joan Quizon, Makeup Artist

“It motivates our team even more to do better in our other upcoming shoots and projects. We don’t require nor expect our clients to give us tips, but we’re always happy and grateful when we receive one!” Treehouse Story, Videographer

What are other ways for couples to show gratitude towards suppliers?
While tips, and gifts in-kind, are accepted with much gratitude, a good review, a thank you, and maybe even a referral already go a long way for your suppliers. They definitely feel loved and acknowledged when they can clearly see that you are happy with their work. So, after your wedding, it would be such a nice gesture to take the time to write good reviews for the suppliers who made your big day memorable!

“Clients have different ways of showing their appreciation for a job well done! So whether it's a tip, a very tight hug, endless thank you’s, a review and recommendation after, we'd gladly take it.” Regina Roque, Photographer

“To be treated as one of their guests after a long day of work, the kind gesture helps us recharge and it makes us feel our craft is even more appreciated!” Theia Films, Videographer

“At the end of the day, it's not about the price of the gift or amount of the tip. Nothing truly feels better than knowing that we made a positive impact on our clients' special event.” Iya Gueco, Makeup Artist

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