You Can Rent Local and International Designer Gowns From This Unique Online Bridal Store!

Admit it, even before you got engaged, you’ve already started following a good number of bridal dress designers–both local and international–and imagined how stunning you’ll look in one of their pieces someday. Now that you’re engaged, you realize that having one made by a famous designer means that you have to scrimp on so many other elements of your wedding to cover the cost. But what if we tell you that there’s a chic alternative for all of you modern brides who love designer fashion but also want to be practical? You can actually rent a Vania Romoff or a Monique Lhuillier creation, to name a few, from The Bridefolio!

The unique rental platform directly collaborates with renowned local designers and forward-thinking creatives who are willing to fill in the gap in the bridal fashion market, marrying the luxurious designer aesthetic with a sustainable rental scheme.

Yes, we know, it really sounds like a dream! So get to know more about this online boutique and check out some gorgeous dresses along the way.

Rent Local and International Designer Bridal Gowns Here!

You know how brides in your favorite rom-com movies try on so many designer wedding dresses for rent until they find the right one? The Bridefolio tries to replicate the same experience but online! Here are four reasons why you should totally check them out!

They work closely with local designers

When you explore the limited rental market for bridal gowns here in the Philippines, you’ll discover that the dresses are not from designer brands or if they are, the pieces are most likely to be pre-loved. The Bridefolio is different from other online rental boutiques because they officially partner with renowned local designers with the goal of making original pieces also available for women who want to rent. They are indeed the partners in this big step in the bridal industry according to the brand. Some local designers who’ve come onboard are Vania Romoff, Lulu Tan Gan, and Julianne Syjuco, to name a few.

Serena by Frankie de Leon
Vanessa by Edwin Tan
Bella by Frankie de Leon

“We decided to join The Bridefolio because of what they are trying to do, there’s a gap in the market and I think The Bridefolio is trying to fill that gap for modern brides looking for more practical ways to dress themselves.” -Nicole Nocom, consignor


They provide services to ensure your bridal gown fits perfectly

If you’re worried that a rental dress won’t fit you well, know that the boutique will do minor alterations on your chosen dress to fit your figure. Bridefolio has a team of experienced stylists who will be available for consultation every time a bride books an appointment. There are also tailors available to customize each gown depending on the fit needed.

Note: For the safety of everyone during the ongoing pandemic, they are doing virtual viewings and home fittings for the meantime. Home fittings come with an online appointment with their experienced stylist partners.

Adele by Rosa Clara
Doe by Rosa Clara
Bella by Frankie de Leon
Photo from Vania Romoff

“The Bridefolio’s platform has found a way to make luxury bridal wear accessible to a wider audience through their rental and pre-loved feature, but simultaneously introducing proactive decision-making mindsets for brides-to-be.” -Joseph Aloysius, designer


They are a team of women who understands how important your wedding dress is

The thought of how important and special your wedding day is can be nerve-wracking. Questions like, “What should I wear? What cut will flatter my body type the most? What kind of fabric matches my overall theme?” are best answered by a team of women who gets you and your needs. They’ve been brides, bridesmaids, wedding guests, and they understand brides-to-be from different perspectives. They know that apart from marrying the man of your dreams, how you will look like when you walk down the aisle is the next thing you should feel excited about, and nothing less than that!

Adele by Rosa Clara
Photo from Vania Romoff
Doe by Rosa Clara



They are advocating sustainable fashion

With every calamity that reminds us to make better choices everyday, it’s important to support a cause or a brand that contributes to sustainability. It’s a conscious effort for The Bridefolio to provide a less-waste option for brides who are forward-thinking, practical, but still want to look their best. Finally, there’s a luxurious option for modern brides who see the great value in renting a wedding dress to save on cost and to save the earth.

Nessy by Hayley Paige
Ethel by Vera Wang
Photo from Vania Romoff

“Sustainability in our industry can mean circular fashion: renting gowns or buying consciously from companies that practice fair labor. It can also mean having a gown made especially for you. Custom gowns mean zero waste – meaning, no inventory or surplus.” -Vania Romoff, designer


Go through the beautiful pieces done by famous designers and walk down the aisle wearing it on your wedding day! Check out the launch collection of Bridefolio and follow the brand on Instagram for updates. For questions, inquiries, and consignment options, feel free to send a direct message through their Instagram account or through

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