Hey Brides, Here’s How You Can Tastefully Add Color to Your Wedding Dress!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… If these words don’t resonate with you, then maybe you’re looking to go the unconventional route for your wedding dress. You may also be thinking about breaking traditions or trends fading too quickly, but there’s no need worry when you do things tastefully. There are plenty of ways you can play with color and achieve a bridal look that is both timeless and uniquely you. From subtle, muted hues to bold touches of color, every bride has the right to walk down the aisle in whatever color, style, or fabric she chooses. It is her wedding day after all. Now, are you itching to incorporate color into your bridal look too? Keep on reading for a few ideas and inspiration from real B&B brides!

Hey Brides, Here’s How You Can Tastefully Add Color to Your Wedding Dress!

(Header) Choose a soft, neutral color.

White, off-white, ivory, and cream are just not for every bride. Thankfully, there are so many equally soft and romantic colors you can choose from for your wedding gown. We’ve been seeing more and more brides sport blush, champagne, and even gray dresses on their big day and the results were picture perfect! If you want to tread a little closer to tradition, you can sew on white floral details or lace appliques to incorporate the customary color.

Photographer: ProudRad | Bride’s Dress: Aunchalee Boutique | Real Wedding: This Unconventional Bride Wore a Gray Wedding Dress and She Looked Stunning!


(Header) Layer colored fabric under tulle.

Sometimes, it’s all about what’s underneath the surface. When you layer colored fabrics with tulle or any other sheer material, the result is a subtle hue which is only visible to the discerning eye. Try layering different shades and types of materials (maybe even an ombré fabric) until you find the perfect match. You can also see if it fits to add a slit to your wedding dress design for a more noticeable pop of color with your every step.

Photographer: EDPS Studio | Bride’s Dress: Ryan Nabua | Real Wedding: The Mint Green Motif of This Intimate Wedding is so Refreshing to See!


(Header) Add hand-painted details. 

You can be as creative and as colorful as you want with hand-painted details incorporated into your wedding gown. From floral patterns to a meaningful quote, talk to your designer about your plans to paint some color onto the dress, so that you can choose a fabric that would work well with your plans. Not all fabrics are made the same, so others will definitely respond better to textile paint’s unique transparency and consistency.

Photographer: Canary Studios PH | Bride’s Dress: Pia Gladys Perey | Real Wedding: A Rustic Wedding in Tagaytay with Quirky Details


(Header) Incorporate a bold accent into the design. 

Your bridal look will definitely stand out with an oversized bow or an embroidered cape, but you can also make an ever big statement if you incorporate some color into the mix. Whether you choose a blush bow up front or bold, burgundy feather details at the back, you’ll be dressed to impress at every angle. You may also design for the accent to be detachable so that you can have photos sporting both your traditional and your off-beat bridal looks.

Photographer: Bryan Venancio | Bride’s Dress: Rosenthal Tee | Real Wedding: This Bride Wore a Unique Blush and White Gown For Her Wedding! 


(Header) Have fun with accessories.

Bridal fashion is not only about the wedding dress, but the shoes, the veil, and the countless accessories too! Just because white is the go-to color for the bridal gown, it doesn’t mean the same follows for bridal accessories. Have some fun by choosing pieces that can color, sparkle, and of course, personality to your bridal look! Some colored accessories you can consider include veils, belts, brooches, and headpieces.

Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Bride’s Dress: Atelier Debbie Co | Real Wedding: Delight in the Pastel Colors and Vintage Style of This Chic Garden Wedding!


(Header) Sew on colored lace appliques or embroidery. 

It’s never too late to add a touch of color, even after you’ve already said yes to a dress. Talk to your designer or atelier for some professional help in sewing on some tinted floral details or appliques. If you’re not too comfortable breaking tradition but still want a little color, you can be very subtle with the color accents with strategic placement. Try placing them on your veil, at the tail end of your train, or on the edge of your sleeves.

Photographer: Ralph Lee Photography | Bride’s Dress: Hannah Kong | Real Wedding: These College Sweethearts Had a City Wedding and Her Wedding Dress was Breathtaking!


(Header) Opt for tasteful prints. 

Are you a fan of color and of prints? Then there is no reason your bridal look can’t have a little of both! We’re talking printed fabrics or patterns crafted from vibrant embroidery and colorful beadwork. Do be careful about selecting prints by testing out how they look in photographs before committing to a purchase. While prints can look fun and playful, some louder ones don’t photograph quite as well.

Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Bride’s Dress: Rosa Clara | Real Wedding: This Couple Decided to Walk down the Aisle Even with Empty Church Pews


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