Life After “I Do”: Lessons to Help You Thrive in Your First Year of Marriage

After all the wedding hype has died down and your emotions have mellowed down, you’ll suddenly realize that what everyone was telling you about is true–married life is hard! From the little differences that can still pass as cute quirks, to major disagreements that’ll drive you over the edge, the call of marriage is to stay together in spite of.

Just like how a strong cement foundation can support a tall building for years, whatever you do during your first year of marriage becomes the foundation of your relationship as husband and wife. How do you lay down good quality bricks then? Here are a few lessons to help you thrive.

Life After "I Do": Lessons to Help You Thrive in Your First Year of Marriage

Take Your Time

And just like that, your partner is now your roommate forever! What an exciting time. You’ll get to wake up beside each other, cook meals together, and just do whatever you both like. The freedom and the newness of everything might give you the urge to rush through things so here’s a reminder to take it slow. Ease into married life slowly but surely. Take one day at a time with an open mind and heart and allow yourself to adjust to your new role. All the changes may feel uncomfortable at first that’s why it’s important for you to give yourself time to soak everything in.


Create Space

Whether you’re renting a place or you’re moving in your own home after the wedding, make your space a representation of the both of you. By doing so, you’ll want to spend the most time with your partner at home. Buy new pillows. Choose the curtains that you like. Light your scented candle. Whatever it takes to make your space your own, do it!


Accept That Things Will Change

Not just between you two, but also within you. You’ll notice that your priorities will shift now that you’re married. Accept that it will and be open to the kind of person you’ll become.


Check Up on Each Other

Even if you’re together 24/7, it doesn’t mean that you are spending quality time with each other. Take the time to ask your partner how they are. Find out if it was a good day at work or ask about what your partner is looking forward to. Regularly checking up on each other will help you avoid unspoken resentments and misunderstandings.


Put Effort in Fun and Romance

Intentionally set regular date nights. It can be as simple as watching a movie while drinking beer or as extravagant as booking a plane ticket for a romantic getaway. We say put an effort on fun and romance because married couples tend to fall complacent after so many years of being together. Try your best not to loose your thirst for thrill and adventure. Married life should definitely not be boring!


Say Thank You

Always acknowledge the good to make your relationship thrive! Through expressing gratitude, you’ll make your partner feel seen, appreciated, and motivated to do more good things for you. Marriage is serving each other the best way possible, and saying thank you is the best way to highlight that.

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