6 Practical Beauty Tips for Every Bride

When you wake up on the day of your wedding, the last thing that you want to worry about is a pimple making a sudden appearance. Yes, makeup can help, but burying it under so many layers of it will make you look cakey and overdone. That’s why it’s so important to take your skincare seriously even months before your big day! According to Dr. Vicki Belo, you have to make your body work as a whole if you want to look fresh and glowing. This means eating the right food, having the right disposition, and using the right products on your skin. Here are a few practical tips she shared during the exclusive B&B TV episode we had with her, Jess Wilson, and 25 other soon-to-be brides. Read on and take notes!

6 Practical Beauty Tips for Every Bride

Change Your Diet

What you eat shows up in your skin. Dr. Belo talked about gut and mind connection, explaining that if your gut is overworked and dirty, it will eventually affect your whole system including your skin’s health. So, avoid anything oily, drink lots of water (she recommends 10 glasses a day), and eat fish like salmon and sea bass to help your skin and body look healthy.


We all need to wear a mask to protect our health but by doing so, our skin’s health suffers. Masks trap all the bad bacteria we have in the mouth and bounces it back to our chin. The result? Mask Acne or “Maskne”. Since overall health and skin health are both important, try a mask that does both jobs–protects you from the virus and from maskne. Belo Anti-Maskne Mask sourced from Korea is smooth on the skin, lightweight, and breathable. It gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria and viruses, at the same time, it provides easier ventilation and respiration,  diminishing irritation, rashes, and inflammation.

(Layout) Start Early
Jess Wilson shared during the B&B TV episode that she started to prep her skin for her wedding three months before. It was enough time to treat her acne breakouts and to do the right amount of plumping and contouring for a youthful glow. Jess spilled her skincare secrets here and how Dr. Belo helped her feel her most beautiful self on her wedding day.


(Layout) Mind Your Body
Dr. Belo reminded the brides that skin preparation is not just for the face. They have to prepare their body as well. Dark underarms and back acne or “backne” are just as distracting as having a big red pimple on the nose. If dark underarms is your issue, Dr. Belo recommend the Splendor X Laser Treatment. It hits two birds with one stone by removing unwanted hair, treating dark underarms and tightening of the skin.


(Layout) Personalize Your Skincare
With the pandemic and the varying quarantine restrictions, doing your skincare at home is safer and more practical. It doesn’t mean though that you should just buy whatever over the counter products you can find. Personalize your skincare based on your needs by scheduling an online consultation with the Belo doctors. They have prepared several Belo-it-Yourself kits depending on your skin needs. Now, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing while staying safely at home!


(Layout) Always be Grateful
Aside from the food that you eat and the skin treatments that you have scheduled, Dr. Belo also emphasized the role of emotional health and gratefulness in your overall glow. When you’re thankful for every little thing, your disposition improves and your glow comes from within.


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