Here Are 8 Items You Can Personalize for Your Something Blue!

With so much already on their plate, why do brides go to the trouble of preparing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue on their wedding day? Some might do it for the sake of tradition, while others may believe it will bring good fortune to their wedding. The English tradition of carrying something blue, specifically, was actually meant to ward off evil spirits and symbolize the bride’s love and modesty. It was most commonly represented by a baby blue garter, but brides nowadays have come up with unique spins on their own something blue. Whatever the reason for incorporating the tradition into your special day, it’s definitely a fun opportunity to get creative and show off your personality. Keep scrolling for a few ideas on how you can have (or wear) something blue to your wedding day!

1. Bridal Shoes

Blue shoes are an incredibly stylish way to add a pop of color into the usual all-white bridal look. Try out bold blue-colored stiletto heels or any pair of shoes embroidered with sparkling blue stones. A tip for brides looking to go this route—you might want to consider a skirt with a shorter length, so your shoes get their chance shine!

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2. Engagement Ring

Traditional diamonds may be the popular choice for engagement rings, but they are not the only option when it comes to gemstones. Blue stones are also a classic choice and the blue hue aptly symbolizes purity and fidelity. You can go for a sapphire or a synthetic blue diamond for the engagement ring and the wedding bands, and you can also personalize them to match your style.

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3. Bridal Preps Attire

Whether you prefer silky robes or comfy loungewear while you’re getting ready, you can take the chance to sport something blue and maybe even match with your best girls too. Bridal fashion does not have to be limited to a single color.

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4. Bouquet

Add a few blue blooms or dyed stems to your bridal bouquet for a simple play on tradition. There’s no rule on the shade of blue, so feel free to choose any hue, from the pale powder blues to the deep midnight blues. Another subtle option is to simply wrap your bridal bouquet with a blue satin ribbon.

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5. Bridal Gown

Make a statement when you go all-out with your something blue and choose to represent it with your wedding dress. You can go for floral prints or detailed embroidery, whatever matches your style. It may be an unexpected choice, but it is one that will definitely be remembered!

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6. Bridesmaids Outfit

Why limit something blue to a single item, when you can have all your girls dressed up in the hue? Since something blue is traditionally meant to ward off negative energy, your closest gals surely fit the bill. Think dusty blue tulle dresses or navy blue sleek gowns, whatever style best fits the season and the setting.

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7. Wedding Cake 

Something blue can definitely be a sweet treat served at the reception. Choose between full blue fondant, delicate blue sugar flowers, or a marble blue finish on one of the cake layers. Why not extend the design to cupcakes or cookies your guests can take home with them too?

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8. Vow Books

If you’re thinking of exchanging personal vows during the ceremony, you can opt for matching vow books tied together by a rustic blue ribbon. You can customize the covers with your names, your favorite quotes or lyrics, or maybe a photo of your beloved furbaby. This is one detail you can even D.I.Y. if you’re up to the task!

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