Cheers to the Father of the Bride: 7 Simple Ways to Say Thank You on Your Wedding Day

Dad—he will always be the man who has loved you first and who will love you the longest. That is why a daughter’s wedding day can be a bittersweet affair for a dad, as it signifies she is ready to let go and move on. While the reasons to celebrate easily outweigh any unhappy thoughts, it’s always a good idea to be intentional about spreading the love on your wedding day. You might have planned for tokens for your guests and gift boxes for your entourage, but what about the OG man in your life? Don’t forget to show him some love and thanks for everything he’s done to get you where you are today. To give you a few ideas on how you can show gratitude on your wedding day, here are a some simple ways you can consider.

Cheers to the Father of the Bride: 7 Simple Ways to Say Thank You on Your Wedding Day

Give Him a Personalized Handkerchief

Dad may appear tough on the outside, but if there’s a day he can’t help but shed a tear, it’s the day of his daughter’s wedding. Why not gift him an embroidered handkerchief with a personal note or saying to keep in his pocket throughout the wedding day? It will surely come in handy when you walk down the aisle, exchange your vows, and during all the wedding speeches.


Have a First Look Before Walking Down the Aisle

Something you can arrange with your photographer is a Father-Daughter First Look during the wedding preparations. Aside from making priceless memories spending time together before the ceremony, you will also be getting a set of stunning and heartwarming photos you can always look back on.


Drive to the Ceremony Together

Another special moment you can spend together is the drive from the wedding preparations venue to your ceremony venue. Allow dad be your cheerleader or stage director, whatever you need. Remember that he’s been through this before with mom and he probably knows what to expect. He’ll know exactly what to say to put any nerves at ease.


Include Dad's Favorite Drink in the Bar Menu

It may be a signature cocktail (extra strong) or a bottle of his favorite beer. Whatever his drink of choice, include it in your bar menu and you know he’ll have a good time at the reception. You might also want to include a note on the menu indicating the drink is dad’s favorite for that extra special nod.


Prepare an AVP for the Father-Daughter Dance

As if the Father-Daughter dance was not emotional enough, playing a photo montage in the background can only make it even more heart-warming. Surprise dad with a throwback to when you were a baby and he was teaching you everything that you know. Pair it with a sweet song choice and there won’t be a dry eye in the audience.


Dedicate a Special Toast to Him

You’ll surely be mentioning a long list of suppliers, family, and friends when expressing your thank you’s, so make sure to make your thanks to dad a notch above the rest. Maybe ask him to stand up when you raise your glass to him and ask for a round of applause. After all, you wouldn’t be the bride you are today without the love and support of your dad.


Write a Handwritten and Heartfelt Thank You Note

A handwritten and heartfelt note always does the trick. Aside from expressing gratitude, you can also suggest plans for your next family get together so dad can start looking forward to it. You can also arrange for your coordinator to give him the letter at the end of the program, so he can read it peacefully at home after all the festivities.


Are you also looking for ways you can keep your dad (and father-in-law) busy in the weeks leading to the wedding? Check out some of the tasks you can give your dad here. You can surely count on Dad to step up to the task for his darling daughter!


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