10 Tasks You Can Give Dads to Keep Them Busy before the Big Day

There’s a reason the movie Father of the Bride remains a go-to wedding film even decades after its release—it tackles many dads’ ever-relatable dilemma of accepting that his baby has already grown up and going overboard trying to prove he is still needed as a father. While they had their fair share of mishaps in the movie, we think that involving dads in the wedding plans can be more helpful and sentimental when done off-screen.

10 Tasks You Can Give Dads to Keep Them Busy before the Big Day

We listed 10 tasks you can entrust to your father or FIL-to-be to keep them busy and feel like they are an important part of the wedding preparations. Pick out a few things they would enjoy doing and they will surely be honored to answer the call when you ask!


For the dads who are jacks-of-all-trades

1. D.I.Y. wedding décor and other paraphernalia. 

Depending on your dad’s expertise, you can ask for his help with some D.I.Y. elements for the big day. From rustic wooden signs he built to personalized giveaways he engraved, if he has the time and the skill, it is definitely something to showcase. We’ve even heard of some who tailored the groom’s suit and handpicked the bride’s bouquet—talk about super dads!



2. Fix-up any kinks in your new home in preparation for your moving in. 

If anyone knows their way around a busted bulb or broken appliance, it must be dad! There’s surely a lot of work that needs to be done before moving in to your new home, so who better to ask to help you out than the person who has been looking out for you from day one? From setting up your internet connection to choosing paint for your walls, the task doesn’t really matter per se, it’s more about showing him that you still need him in your life.


For the dads who are total sweethearts

3. Pick-up the slack with household chores.

While the couple’s to-do list grows as the day draws nearer, the household chores they were previously assigned to do stays unchanged. Helping a little bit more around the house may not sound glamorous, but lightening the load in whatever way is greatly appreciated.



4. Plan a Father/Daughter or Father/Son bonding day before the wedding. 

There’s nothing quite like quality bonding time, especially when you both clear your schedules and try to steer clear of any wedding errands. Spend the day reminiscing about growing up and discussing your plans after marriage. A break from all the wedding planning is relaxing for not only the couple, but immediate family as well.


For the dads who know their wine and liquor

5. Review the menu and recommend wine pairings. 

If you already have an expert at home, then there’s no need to consult a professional for this! This is a task dad will surely enjoy since it gives him an excuse to shop from his favorite cellars and maybe enjoy a glass (or bottle) with you. Be sure to have pen and paper in handy to take down your notes, just in case you can’t seem to remember them in the morning.



6. Order the alcohol. 

This one is pretty straight forward. Discuss the number of guests attending as well as the amount of alcohol you expect to be consumed. Clearly indicate the type, brand, and volume of each bottle, case, or keg on his shopping list. If transportation and storage space allow, you can have him pick-up the order as well to save on delivery fees!


For the dads wo aced problem solving and logistics

7. Arrange the bridal car and other needed transportation.

The transportation to and from different venues is often overlooked in weddings. Avoid this rookie mistake by planning how each family member, entourage member, and wedding supplier will be shuttled from the preparations venue to the Church venue to the reception venue. Rentals are not always necessary—dad just needs to know who plans on bringing their own cars and their respective vehicle capacities, and he can take care of the rest.



8. Follow-up RSVPs and help sort out the seating chart.

If one of your dads is also Mr. Congeniality, then he will surely be up to the task! Following up RSVPs does take time, but it is actually an enjoyable task if you like chitchat and small talk. For the less sociable father, you may assign him the task of staying up with you sorting out the seating chart. It may sound like a daunting task but sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to find the right adjustment.


9. Host a Bridal Shower.

Since weddings these days are already breaking all the rules, why not involve the men in the bridal showers too? There’s no reason dads and their friends have any less marriage lessons to share and should miss out on any of the fun. After all, more gifts and more booze, what’s there to complain about?



10. Choreograph the Father-Daughter dance.

This is a job that can go in one of two ways—either he will lead a sweet and classic waltz or he will go for an all-out performance filled with EDM and crazy dance moves. Either way, the dance will surely show off the best of your relationship and leave the crowd in tears, yet wanting some more.


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